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Yesterday, Internet hackers found a way to make it so that a quick search of the words “N***a House” on Google Maps directs users to The White House.



Google quickly issued the following statement once word of the hack began to go viral and reassured the public that their team was working to rectify the situation as news of the racist prank continued to pick up speed:

“Some inappropriate results are surfacing in Google Maps that should not be, and we apologize for any offense this may have caused. Our teams are working to fix this issue quickly.” 

As of this morning, a search of “N***a House” on Google Maps still directs users to the White House, while a search of “N***a University” also directs users to notable HBCU Howard University.

Image Credit: Google/The View

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  • VibezFlow

    This is a non-issue. It is user generated results. With so many real and important battles going on that really affect Black America, are we going to waste time on this?

    • TeflonD

      What do you mean by user-generated results?

      You don’t find it unsettling that virulent racists could be allowed to thrive and eventually wield power in Silicon Valley? Do you know how much of our GDP that accounts for? How is this a non-issue when real power as it often does, ends up in the wrong hands? These guys are the captains of our new economy. Do you know what the Black representation in Silicon Valley looks like?

      This happens everywhere, from government to industry. Did you read the email exchanges from the Sony Studios scandal? Do you know what percentage of Fortune 500 companies are run by people of this mindset, or you just think dismal Black employment rates happen by chance?

      These people need to be exposed and weeded out at every opportunity. They’re the decision makers when it comes to hiring, firing, policy, education, healthcare, justice, and incarceration. Pretty significant in the long run, and ignoring it is a little short cited.

    • Brad

      ” or you just think Black unemployment rates happen by chance?”


    • VibezFlow

      No. It is user-generated. Google Maps allows you to customize your location. I did a search in my city and came up with places that I KNOW the young people in the area more than likely listed it in the same manner. The same happened with users in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Many of those who chose to label it as such were not virulent racists, but young people who thought it was funny to label it as such.

      With real issues on the table–police brutality, inequalities in pay, closing of schools, inequalities in the housing market, the militarization of the police–this is a non-issue. It’s smoke and mirrors.

      Meanwhile, while all of you were in a huff about a search result, the president signed into action Blue Alert, which can make you an instant target if you are deemed a threat by police. I’m more concerned that a police officer with a vague description of a suspect has now been authorized to “act accordingly” if I fit a description. Considering that most of us “fit a description,” this is one of the most harmful acts he could have committed. Go work up some steam about that real issue.

    • TeflonD

      Your comment does not make sense. Do you imply that Google Maps loops individual customization into public objects? As in, if enough people rename a landmark on their own phones, Google will actually prioritize that selection to the landmark?

      I think I’m fairly good at multitasking, but you have to first prove to me that Google isn’t culpable here before I can begin to give any kind of intellectual credence to any issues you’re proposing.

    • Brad

      I have been put in check on this board enough to know better than to tell a group of people what they should and should not be concerned with.

      I think we all are pretty good at multi tasking so who says we shouldn’t be outraged at a whole wide rang of things.

    • VibezFlow

      Unfortunately for this discussion, I am not vested enough in exonerating Google to do the work for you. However, there are many articles on the Internet today that explain exactly why the result appeared.

      It is disturbing to me that a search result has rendered you unable to be concerned about other issues. Is it not disturbing to you that the Blue Alert system was on the table for months and not one black media outlet reported on it? Not one black representative or senator felt the need to bring it to the attention of its constituents? Continue to get angry about a search result which has no real bearing on us though. I, on the other hand, will continue to focus on those issues that really affect me and my community.

    • Brad

      Yea and I’ll stay on the look out for the unmarked helicopters always flying over the hood.

    • Brad

      You seem paranoid and willing to take big assumptions all at the same time(lol)…

      Worried about a mass conspiracy of random police officers coming to your door at night to profile you. But, also willing to accept that this was more than likely caused by a few black teens in a harmless prank.

    • VibezFlow

      Sure. I suggest you do the footwork and research Blue Alert and the ramifications it can have for the black community. As for the kids “pranking”–I never said that. This generation labels their own homes in that manner. The word does not have the same significance to them as it did to us older people. But you focus on that search result issue though.

    • Brad

      This speaks to a continued pattern of President Obama since before he even entered office.

      The disrespect and attempt at marginalizing him purely because he is the first black president.

      This is not in a vacuum Mr. Trump, this is a continued pattern of behavior. Best believe if they are willing to act this way about the leader of the free world, what do you think they are willing to do to the least of us with out influence.

    • Brad

      My understanding is that multiple people see this in the DC area if they type in the search.

      Disrespecting the first black President of the United states is as Joe Bidden says, “A Big Fu***** Deal”. So yes some attention needs to be brought to this I believe.

    • VibezFlow

      The same results were seen in other major cities. Sure, there might be some who inputted it in a racist manner, but most of them more than likely were young people who frequently toss around the word as if it were nothing.

  • Anthony

    There is nothing more mealy mouthed than a non-apology apology, and that is what Google issued. The use of racial slurs should have been unequivocally condemned, and Google should have promised to weed out and fire the culprits.

    • K.C.

      Thank you! Exactly.

    • Darren

      huh? how long have you been using the interwebs..??

  • Obviously, this is a cowardly, racist, and disrespectful display. Also, the culprits not only disrespected the President, but Howard University too. Regardless of how people feel ideologically, there is no justification for this display. Racists are found throughout Silicon Valley too. I hope that anyone responsible for this situation is publicly known and held into account.

  • Mary Burrell

    No apologies please

  • Rizzo

    apology today, same behavior tomorrow — same poop, different day