The epidemic of young Black men being gunned down by police officers across the country has been a topic that’s regained much traction in the public eye over the last 5-6 years, but what about the Black women who are falling victim to the same treatment?

Women across the country have recently come together in support of the #SayHerName movement, which brings awareness to African-American women and girls who have been unjustly killed or harmed by police officers.  The latest call to action came this past Thursday, when a group of young Black women went topless during a protest in downtown San Francisco that stopped traffic and garnered headlines from major news outlets.


In a time where American culture seems to be increasingly consumed with finding any and every way to incorporate public nudity into our daily lives, I initially struggled to grasp the necessity of making a correlation between marching nude and protesting for justice.  I was later enlightened to read that the purpose of the topless aspect of the march was to illustrate how Black women’s bodies are used as a commodity in the U.S. but don’t seem to be nearly as valued when it comes to how many of us are treated or handled by law enforcement.  Whether you’d rip off your bra and march down the highway or not, you can’t deny the fact that brown skin and curvy figures are equaling dollar signs to more and more mainstream entities. So why shouldn’t we also task these industries to take a stand for the same group of women who keep their pockets lined?

Although I still don’t personally find the nudity tactic necessary to prove the point that seeking justice for Black women slain by police officers should be just as important as seeking justice for Black men who fall victim to the same type of brutality, I do agree with the overall message of the #SayHerName campaign and applaud these women for being fearless enough to fight a fight that has been uncontested for way too long.

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