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And by funny, I mean in the way Black women’s bodies get ostracized while Kim Kardashian’s gets praised as though it’s something novel. Speaking of Miss Kardashian-West, let’s talk about a “funny” little statement her friend Jonathan made to Radar Online about Kylie Jenner’s social media battles with Amber Rose and Blac Chyna. Speaking quite out of turn, the 40-year-old resident sidekick said:

“Kylie’s young, they’re not. They are bullies. Both of them are kind of street. They take it to another level and they’re always looking for a fight. I want to bully them back. They’re really aggressive. They should at least wait until Kylie is 18. I want to show them what it is like. I’m not taking sides. They’re too ghetto, too street. They’re bullies.”

Hold up.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 4.15.00 PMI was with Jonathan on the age thing because, let’s be honest, it’s very juvenile of Blac Chyna to be mad at a 17-year-old for allegedly stealing her 25-year-old ex and the father of her child. I’d even partially be able to ride with the bully comment because of the age difference between Amber, Blac Chyna, and Kylie, and the fact that the taunting of the youngest of the Jenner clan is rather mean, not to mention misdirected. But what does being “ghetto” and “street” have to do with anything happening here? And furthermore, Kim had no problem hanging around Blac Chyna’s ghetto, street self on numerous occasions last year while they posted pics on Instagram like BFFs.

Nothing’s changed about the surgically-enhanced former booty-shaking stripper since that time, except her relationship status. Now all of a sudden ‘she’s a ghetto street bully?’ And don’t even get me started on the shared love of faux Black girl ghetto booties that’s been passed on from one Kardashian generation to the next.

As Black people, we know we are the original cool. We also know everyone else wants to be like us, until ish gets real and they find out being Black is about more than wearing fitted caps and being able to shoot off rap lyrics at any given moment. White folks love to use Black people to up their so-called street cred in their real or social media-fabricated lives, but as soon as the tables turn and one of their own is attacked, we go from having swag to being street. Suddenly, we’re no longer good people, we’re ghetto.

It isn’t just white people using the “ghetto” term liberally. The demeaning of American blacks in public housing or anywhere else that are deprived of resources is mostly perpetuated inside the race. White supremacy can and does exist inside black skin, even in the most subtlest of ways. — Ghetto Matters: “That’s So Ghetto”

Funny enough, the use of such words says more about the person speaking them than the one on the receiving end of the critique. It’s nothing short of racist to call Black women “ghetto” and “street” under these circumstances and the word choice can hardly be excused with a debate on semantics. Why not call Amber and Blac Chyna immature? Jealous? Or even mean girls, which is the standard put- down when white women commit similar offenses. Well, we know why: Any time a Black woman does something that can even be conceived as an attack on a helpless white soul, her behavior is considered ghetto. She’s speaking out of turn; she’s “really aggressive,” to quote Jonathan. But let a white woman do the same and she’s just flustered. Or better yet, having a bad day.

I can’t even be surprised by Jonathan. He’s just following the Kardashian blueprint of using people for their own personal gain and then discrediting their entire persona as soon as they step outside of their boundaries of comfortability. I’m willing to bet there isn’t a code-switching Black person on this earth who doesn’t know what that feels like. I, personally, would just appreciate if all the Jonathans of the world could release their inner Klansman on day one. Don’t hang around me because the rest of the world thinks I’m cool and you want to capitalize on that but deep down you really want to call me a coon. In fact, that’s probably the fastest way to get that “street” everyone thinks is lurking below our surfaces to come out and when I have to put you in your place over the disrespect, I’m right back on the spinning hamster wheel of ghetto stereotypes. I have no time for these games and neither does anyone else who knows what being Black is like 24/7.

Here’s an idea: How about instead of jacking Black people for their coolness and then throwing us out like yesterday’s trash, why not invent some trends for yourselves? Then you can leave us to our own “ghetto” devices.

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