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And so it begins. Kim Kardashian is showing her true colors when it comes to her own daughter. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Kardashian spoke about her daughter’s hair and referred to it as a ‘crazy afro'(.

Kardashian was telling Jimmy about a baboon that was sighted near her house and Kimmel asked if she let North see it. “I woke her up this morning, early, and in the morning she’s got this crazy afro. I just took her outside in her pajamas and her crazy hair, and she was half asleep, to see the baboon.”


Not for nothing, but I can’t imagine that child’s hair looking like an ‘afro’. I’m going to need Kardashian to look at some examples of afros and think it over. Maybe she wishes her hair was straighter, since it seems as though she only slicks the kid’s hair up into a top knot when she’s in public. As my mother said, she needs to let that child’s scalp breathe (lol). Ain’t nothing wrong with rocking a ‘crazy afro’.

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    Not even a fan of the Kardashian girl but I don’t believe she meant it in a negative way. Heck, I know a lot of white women that refer to their hair as crazy. Especially in the morning.

    Funny enough, a lot of Black folks same the things to/about their kids, relatives, and friends…

    So, let us leave Kim alone and concentrate on more important topics.

  • I’m not going to lie when I read the headline my jaw dropped but after reading the story its not as shocking as I thought it would be. Majority of non-ethnic women who have mixed babies feel the same exact way or sometimes, worse. Hell, there are black women who don’t even like the texture of their own hair let alone their child. So this story is irrelevant.

  • G

    Sooo yet again we are reading about SexTape Sally!

    And nope, nope and nope, I’m not surprised about her remark concerning her daughter. After all this is the same woman who made a using the KKK!

  • Anthony

    I have said it before, and I will say it again, a part of me really admires Kim Kardashian because she has managed to get filthy rich and world famous over exactly nothing. As snarky as Jimmy Kimmel is, even he is chit chatting with KK about moving out of her mom’s house and her baby’s hair while holding up a book of her selfies.