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The annual Met Gala is always a chance for the celebrity elite in fashion, music, film, sports and entertainment to turn heads in custom designs, but this year’s event saw many of our favorite celebrity couples showcase another unspoken, yet undeniably prevalent theme: black love.

With 2014 proving a trying time for Hollywood couples from every industry, a handful of familiar twosomes stood strong, smiling and stylish at New York City’s premiere fashion event.


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  • OSHH

    Rihanna and Zhang Ziyi in that gorgeous Herrara gown were my favs.

  • BSuga

    Kim is not Black.Chrissy Teigen is not Black. Teigen is Norwegian descent, and her mother is Thai. I see we are using the one drop rule for some of these, but in these cases it’s a no drop rule.

    • Anthony

      Would you make the same observation if their were pictures black female celebrities with non-black spouses or dates? Frankly, I see your point, and not including Teigen and Kardashian would have been fine with me, I am just being a bit of a devil’s advocate.

    • BSuga

      Yes. If they had put Heather Headley , Kimberly Elise or Alice Smith with their white partners I would ask where is the Black couple? There is no such thing as being Black by proxy. Just because I am a Black woman doesnt mean I only notice BM and other couplings.

    • Anthony

      Thanks, I was just asking.

    • I get it! The title is definitely misleading. I expected that there would be images of BLACK Celebrity COUPLES, but there were really only 2 that fit the title of the article.

  • Samantha Jones

    The article claims to be about Black celebrity couples but includes John Legend and his non-Black wife.