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Nine dead. Eighteen injured. Nearly 200 arrested.

But apparently, not much to see here.

Looking at the media coverage of the May 17 mass murder among Texas motorcycle gangs, you would get the impression that it is not a big deal.

Rival gangs started shooting at each other, and at the police, outside the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. Police described the scene as “gruesome.”

If the Texas biker gangs were black, the media would be on this thing like white on rice. Yet even though they were armed, because they were white, they were treated as human beings, with dignity.

As ThinkProgress reported, many of the gang members appear to be not only white but a number are white supremacists with Nazi SS tattoos and patches. Just for reference, under Hitler, the SS, or Schutzstaffel, served as the Nazis’ elite paramilitary force and one of the most powerful units of the Third Reich. The SS ran the Nazi police state, the concentration camps and the death squads that went around Europe exterminating people on sight.

Although it was a mass murder scene with armed gangs who were firing on police, these murder suspects and presumed participants in the bloodbath appear to be hanging out, chilling and holding tight, just getting some fresh air. And the cops didn’t seem to be all too concerned.

State and local police were there, to be sure, but where were the tanks, the teargas, the stun grenades, the Tasers and the other treatment usually reserved for peaceful black protestors? These white bikerswere not hogtied and rounded up in paddy wagons. Most of all, no one is calling these white criminals thugs or gangbangers, as such language typically is reserved for young black men, including unarmed black men who are shot and killed by police. Rather, they are called “motorcycle clubs,” which suggests a harmless, recreational purpose, as in getting together on the weekends to ride bikes together, maybe paying a membership fee, perhaps even getting involved in the community and donating to the charity of their choice.

Nevertheless, the FBI calls these gangs “serious criminal enterprises.” And this massacre is being calledone of the worst gunfights in Waco’s history. But you would not know that looking at the pictures coming from Waco.


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  • Mary Burrell

    Clutch you are tardy for the party why are you just reporting on this.?

    • G

      And the reason, they were tardy to the party is? I love you Clutch, but really.

      I also find it strange that the media did not do any of the usual background stories on the victims (yup, I know some of the victims, were criminals themselves . . . .).

      Also, remember this is gun loving, “open carry” Texas. Who more than likely are fearful of any sort of in depth media coverage that may, lead to the country yet again demanding tougher gun laws.

      And remember the cops in Waco “knew” the biker gangs were in the area an armed. Something that wouldn’t have been aloud, if a Latino or Black gang members of any sort were known to be heavily armed, in the area and looking for trouble.


    • elle D.


  • This was a story that has been
    shown. The point about double standards is accurate. These violent, international
    criminal gangs have participated in shout outs, murders, drug trafficking,
    human trafficking, other forms of violence, and other nefarious evils. People
    readily don’t call the criminal actions of these criminal gangs as a product of
    white culture, a lack of white fathers in the home, or a product of a certain
    musical genre. Yet, when some black people do the wrong things, then the whole
    black community is damned. That is not fair nor is it right. Therefore, we want
    not only fairness, but the eliminating of false racist stereotypes that slander
    our people on a daily basis.

  • Rizzo

    some people admire hitler and his military – some say hitler was a natural leader.
    some of the comments on other sites compared the waco texas biker incident to ferguson, missouri — ferguson was worse; i.e., even though 9 people died – there was no looting and/or burning in waco. but, then again, jesse washington came out of waco texas along with the branch dividians.