Maya Rudolph delivered a hilarious commencement speech to Tulane University graduates on Saturday morning and had the crowd in hysterics.

“Look at all these beautiful faces … and iPhones,” she said before beginning her address. “Families and friends of graduates, mothers, fathers, brothers, brothers from other mothers, sisters, roommates, grandmas and grandpas, meemaws and papaws … and people who met on Tinder this morning, I thank you for having me here to join you on this special day in this incredible city. I stand here humbled, gracious and completely naked under this robe.”

Randolph joked with the graduates about her own career goals and chided them on not exactly knowing what they may want to do in the future, as in, after they leave the graduation.

“I never wanted to admit that being on [Saturday Night Live] was my dream. I never wanted to admit that I was a thespian,” she added. “And my dad did what any great teacher would do. He looked at me, un-phased, and said, ‘Great. And how do you plan to support yourself while you figure that out? And when are you going to wash your feet?’ “

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