A Denver mother is receiving praise on social media after putting her daughter on blast for posing as a 19-year-old ‘freak’ on Facebook. Val Starks’ posted a video on Facebook with her crying 13-year-old daughter in the midst of giving her a lecture about her social media habits.

According to Starks, the daughter is bragging about wearing lace panties and bras and receiving emails from men.

“Are you a freak? Do you know anything about being a freak? You need to speak up so people can hear you,” Starks told her daughter.

“Don’t cry now, you weren’t crying when you were posting pictures on Facebook … in a bra or some little girl in some lace panties you know you don’t own,” she said. “You still wear panties that say Monday, Tuesday Wednesday. But you go on Facebook and find a picture that says you’re a freak and you wearing panties that’s lace and all that. That’s what 13 year olds do right? You still have a bed time.”

She then makes the girl admit to the camera she has a bed time and still watches Disney Channel.


Posted by Val HairLyfe Starks on Sunday, May 17, 2015

“To everybody out there who’s her friend this is going to go out there on her Facebook page an I want all of you to know she watches Disney Channel, she has a bed time, she doesn’t sit around in a bra, she doesn’t have any lace panties, and she doesn’t know how to wipe her butt good at 13,” Starks said. “She’s a kid, she’s going to stay a kid and as long as she is under my roof she is going to do what I say.”

Clutchettes, what would you have done in the mother’s situation?

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  • mariah asphalt

    No. Not a good decision. Not good parenting. Mother should have taken all electronics away from her. But, that requires what someone here said that then Mother would have to pay attention and do the work to be directly involved with her daughter.