We know there are racist people in the world, but “Are we all bigots?”  Racism and bigotry are definitely two different things, and in the season premiere of “Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman,” the actor asks just that.

“If you think you see everyone as equal, you’re kidding yourself. We all have biases, and no matter how open-minded we think we are, stereotypes color our judgment of others, and can lead us badly astray,” Freeman says in the opening sequence of the episode.

“When did hate become hard-wired into our brains? Are we all born to discriminate against our fellow humans?”

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Freeman addresses his issues with bigotry.

“If you ask that question — are we all bigots? — it’s amazing the number of answers you’ll get in the negative,” Freeman told The Huffington Post. “I would stand up and say very quickly, ‘I am not bigoted,’ but then you see the show and realize, ‘Wait a minute, yes I am.’

“We hope that will be one of the most provocative shows that we’ve done. I’m almost certain that it’s going to spark a dialogue.”

Clutchettes, what do you think about bigotry? Do you think you have some ‘bigot’ traits? 


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  • Me

    the thing is nobody cares if you like one person or the next as long as you don’t go around denying people their basic rights b/c of your hang ups. i couldn’t care less if my neighbor hates every shade darker than yellow, but the minute he makes my home unsafe or messes w/my money, family, right to be left the hell alone, then we got a problem. if racism is your prejudice of choice, just make sure that you bite your tongue hard when it’s time to deal w/black folks. easy as pie.

    • good2bfree

      You said it all! Thank you!

    • You have made excellent points.

  • Mary Burrell

    Morgan freeman made a very strange statement about racism how there would be any if we stopped talking about it all the time.

    • The Police

      if only it was that simple

  • This is a profound issue. Philosophical debates have existed around the question on whether everyone is a bigot or not. One thing is true. We do see differences in the world. No human is perfect and people have certain biases (from liking or hating athletic teams to how we see our neighbors). The deal is that we should be better people and use policies that protect the human rights of people. People have the right to believe in what they want. Yet, when someone uses their beliefs as a way for that person to oppress and harm others, then that is a problem that must be ended. All of humanity should have human rights and freedom. So, as a society, we have profound imperfections and it is our responsibility to use proactive solutions, so the world can exist in a profoundly better place than the past & the present.

  • Rizzo

    i think everyone has implicit biases but can’t beat the solutions to bigotry and racism offered so far by morgan freeman, steve harvey, isaiah washington and common.

  • Anthony

    All I can say is ole Clint Eastwood loves this negro for a reason.