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Siabatou Sanneh carried a placard that read: “In Africa, women walk this distance every day to collect water. Help us shorten the distance”.

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Siabatou Sanneh (Photo Credit: Water for Africa)

The strength of a mother is one unlike any other.

Millions of women from all walks of life and nations throughout the world share a common bond when blessed with opportunity to embark on the journey of motherhood, and one Gambian supermom defied the odds yet again when she joined over 50,000 participants to complete the annual Paris Marathon carrying a 20kg water container on her head.

Leaving her country for the first time in her life and guided by the desire to raise awareness about the lack of clean drinking water accessible to African women, Siabatou Sanneh represented non-profit organization “Water for Africa” in extraordinary fashion.

Speaking with the help of a translator, the 43-year-old mother of three tells the IBI Times UK:

“I came to Paris to do the marathon to raise awareness and help the African women get clean water for their domestic use – for drinking, cooking, washing and gardening to grow agriculture. In my country, you grow what you eat and you eat what you grow, but you can only do that with sufficient water.

“I expect this will enable people to donate so we can have clean water in African villages. I don’t want my children and their children to be collecting water from the well when they are my age.”

Superwoman, indeed.

Image Credits: Water for Africa/IBT Times UK

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  • Anthony

    Before I read a word of this story, my first thought was that women in Africa walk that far for water everyday, the difference being that Paris has far better roads than a typical Aftican rural village. I am glad she made her point.

  • Nononsense73

    I hear her message loud and clear. As an African and someone who has done a marathon and struggled even without carrying a jug on my head, I have a tremendous amount of respect for her.

  • She is an inspiring human being. She fulfilled the Paris marathon as a means for her to raise awareness on the issue of water in Africa. Receiving water is a human right and many people lack access to clean drinking water. There are some multinational corporations who seek to monopolize water supplies and activists are standing up against that agenda completely. Siabatou Sanneh not only has great strength, but her actions will motivate women throughout the Earth. This issue is important as motherhood is beautiful and the liberation of all women is definitely a necessity in our age.

  • G