Trameka Pope of Wendell Phillips Academy High School in the Bronzeville area of Chicago has a lot to be proud of. Pope is living proof that one’s adversities doesn’t have to keep them away from their goals. Although Pope was homeless for sometime and even had a baby during the freshman year of high school, she became her class’ valedictorian and is heading to college on a full-ride.

The cheerleader and National Honor Society member works at a local supermarket and takes courses at Kennedy-King College, but she’ll be attending Western Illinois University in Macomb.

FOX 32 News Chicago

Pope says that teachers told her she wouldn’t amount to anything and she was a waste of time, but that didn’t deter her.

“I didn’t give up,” Pope said. “I pushed myself hard. And my baby motivated me every day because I wanted to provide for her and I also didn’t want to be a statistic.”

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