Grundy_Boston_UniversitySaida Grundy is an incoming assistant professor of sociology and African-American studies at Boston University, and is currently under fire for tweets that conservatives have deemed ‘racist’.

Grundy recently tweeted that “white masculinity is THE problem for america’s colleges,” white men are a “problem population,” and on MLK Jr. Day, she doesn’t shop at white-owned businesses.

Grundy, whose Twitter account is now private, has come under a barrage of tweets from those calling for her dismissal from the university.

Colin Riley, a spokesman for Boston University told Fox News Friday that the tweets came from Grundy’s personal Twitter account and that she was “exercising her right to free speech and we respect her right to do so.”

But as soon as alumni threatened to pull their funding, the school had a change of heart:

“The University does not condone racism or bigotry in any form and we are deeply saddened when anyone makes such offensive statements,” Riley told Fox News Saturday.

But Riley continued with, ““ … the opinions expressed by Dr. Grundy, in what were seemingly private electronic messages, constitutes her opinion and we must recognize her right to have that opinion whether or not we agree.”

Grundy is receiving tons of support from Twitter users online and the hashtag #ISupportSaida shows just how many people are in agreement with her.

Check out Saida’s tweets below:














Photo Credits: University of Michigan/Washington Times/Twitter

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  • joe

    Her comment regarding white americans reluctance to acknowledge white males as a problem population on college campuses is so true. The rape epidemic on campuses across the country is a direct result of white folks refusing to criminalize the predatory behavior of young, middle-class white men.

  • Anthony

    My point about mentoring is that older faculty would have told her to avoid putting out statements on Twitter, but to publish and secure tenure. Tenure is designed for faculty openly speaking one’s mind, and if she were tenured, the administration would say she is tenured faculty giving her opinion, and the bar for removing her would be exponentially higher. I am all for speaking truth to power, but in the real world, a person needs a job, and a person smart enough to get her job, surely wants a career. I am going to post a link of this story to the new black faculty organization at my school because this is exactly the sort of pitfall we should tell new faculty to avoid.

  • mmmdot

    Love this lady!!!!

  • gdaddo

    She should be above Twitter. Nothing good ever comes out of it.

    She should also be careful with facts. Rand Paul doesn’t have a college degree, but he does have a medical school degree; St. Patrick’s Day is a national (public) holiday in Ireland and has been celebrated there for hundreds of years.