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It’s always been the case that celebrity relationships are here today, gone tomorrow, and usually the public’s interest in them wanes just as quickly — if we even bother to care in the first place. But in the case of Ciara and her new beau Russell Wilson, Black women care. And some of us care a whole lot.

Despite dwindling interest in her music, Ciara remains a star a lot of us want to see win. Perhaps it’s the fact that Ci Ci has always been comfortable in her tomboy-ish skin and encouraged us not to give our “goodies” away to just anyone. Maybe it’s her soft voice and innocent demeanor juxtaposed against rock hard abs and legs we’d kill for that make us ask, what man wouldn’t want her? I, personally, think our interest in Ciara’s love life has to do with the fact that she’s kissed a heck of a lot of frogs we wouldn’t let come near us with a 10-foot pole and we really want Russell to be her prince. Right now it’s too soon to say if the 26-year-old quarterback will be the charming suitor we hope he’ll be, but it goes without saying that however things shake out in the end, baby boy is a major upgrade.

I won’t dwell long on Ciara’s connection with Shad Moss since the relationship can truly be chalked up to puppy love — as evidenced by the fact that Shad was still going by his stage name of Bow Wow at the time. But then there was the relationship with 50 Cent that one can only assume, based on the rapper’s daily antics, was a bit of a mess. Next was the heartbreaking relationship with Amar’ Stoudemire that ended in him getting back with his ex of several years, proposing to, and marrying her, And finally came entry into the world of single motherhood after breaking things off with unfaithful fiancé Future whose history of racking up baby mamas (four to be exact) left many with little expectation of the two ever making it down the aisle. Unfortunately, we were right about that prediction, but what we witnessed at the White House correspondents dinner tells us when one door closes, sometimes a much better window opens.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 8.35.18 AMFor one, we all should celebrate Ciara kissing rappers goodbye once and for all, and there’s something to be said for Russell being able to take the 29-year-old mother places her previous suitors never could — like the White House. And beyond all that, I’m willing to bet this budding love story has caught all of our eyes because it’s a much-needed reminder that a few wrong missteps in the love department doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

While Future has been out gallivanting with one of the mother’s of his many children, many assumed Ciara was sitting at home pining over him — not that her song, “I Bet” didn’t give us good reason to believe that was the case. But with Future tweeting subliminals like “I wish I cared,” it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume he really does and is now questioning why he didn’t appreciate what he had, now that someone else has it. And there isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t know the feeling of still longing for someone who mistreated us until someone else finally comes along and treats us the way we deserve and we wonder why we ever tolerated anything less.

That’s the hope we all see in Ciara’s situation. That no matter how many “kings” turned out to be paupers, it’s never too late to stop trying for the real thing. Both Ciara and Russell are coming into their union with a lot of baggage for 20-somethings — her a baby, him a divorce. For some, those circumstances would be reason enough to give up on love; they seem to be choosing otherwise. And even if they don’t make it to the holy grail of relationships (i.e. marriage) the look on their faces when they’re together says the happiness they have right now makes the risk of loving again worthwhile. And that’s a friendly reminder we can all use.

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