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There’s an interesting new trend making a comeback among young women: hairy armpits.

A quick glance at the #NoShave or #NoShaveNoShade tags on Twitter, Instagram, and most noticeably Tumblr, and you’ll uncover scores of young women refusing to wax, shave, or laser off the hair under their arms in a bid to celebrate what Mother Nature gave them.

Photo: intagram.com/colleenbixler

Photo: intagram.com/colleenbixler

While hair under the arms may have once been en vogue in France, here in the States women have been taught that almost all of the hair not on our heads—arms, bikini area, legs—has got to go. But the #NoShave activists are bucking the notion that armpit hair is unsightly and unsexy.

As achselhaare, a Tumblr user, put it: “Many things are out of our control and i tend to go with the flow, instead of going against it. any who, eye woke up like this. messy hair and body hair. Flawless.”

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