Yesterday, Caitlyn Jenner literally broke the Internet, when Vanity Fair unveiled her cover photo and a glimpse into Jenner’s new life. Jenner, who looked eerily similar to Janice Dickinson and Jessica Lange, embodied old school Hollywood glamour. There’s no taking away the fact that she looked amazing, but let’s remind ourselves that Jenner, in a recent interview with Diane Sawyer, proclaimed her conservative values.

Before Jenner, there was Janet Mock and Laverne Cox who both paved the way for transgender women. Both women rally for the rights of transgender women, especially transgender women of color.


But what about Jenner?

Jenner seems to forget that her white privilege doesn’t necessarily extend to trans women of color. They’re not afforded the opportunity to get the best makeup artists and photographers to capture their transition. Hell, some of them aren’t even afforded the opportunity to live, as they’re being killed by others.

As a conservative, as Jenner has claimed to be, I find it hard to believe that she even recognizes the struggle of trans women of color. Or that she even realizes that her conservative counterparts, probably don’t want her to be a part of anything they stand for.

Conservatives still believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman, and that gay people aren’t afforded the same rights as others. What makes Jenner think they’ll accept her with open arms.

In the world of people being more accepting of trans women, it’s great that Jenner has the opportunity to live her life the way she wants now. But in a world of intersectionality, where the voices of transgender women are often stifled,  I’m not going to be so quick to applaud a white conservative women.

Image Credits: Vanity Fair

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