Former Tokai University Nigerian student Ufot Ekong was the true definition of a class act during his college days.

While attending the prestigious University located in Japan’s capital of Tokyo, Ufot made history by solving a highly difficult math equation that had previously gone unsolved for the last 30 years. He solved the math problem in his first semester as a student at the University.


Ufot continued on his path to success throughout his college career. According to CCTV Africa, he went on to receive six awards for academic excellence and scored the highest marks at Tokai University since 1965 while working two jobs to fund his college education. All of his hard work eventually paid off when he graduated at the top of his class with a degree in electrical engineering.

Ufot is also several languages including English, French, Japanese and Yoruba. He currently works as an electrical engineer for Nissan and has already landed two patents in his name for electronic car design.

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