Scandal star Joe Morton stopped by Larry Wilmore’s The Nightly Show Tuesday, and Papa Pope had a few stern words for supporters of the Confederate battle flag.

While some contend the flag is a symbol of southern heritage and pride, others argue the rebel flag represents a history of segregation, slavery, and anti-Black terror.

The current debate over the flag stems from the recent tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina in which 9 Black parishioners were murdered during Bible study by an admitted white supremacist.

Their killings have spurned a heated discussion about whether or not the flag should be flown on governmental property, with many believing it has no place in statehouses, on license plates, or in capitols.

This week, Alabama Governor Robert J. Bentley ordered the removal of Confederate battle flags from his state’s capitol, and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley told reporters she now supports removing the flag from the statehouse grounds.

Though the debate over the flag’s place will no doubt be a contentious one, Morton channeled Papa Pope, and doled out some harsh words for those who claim the flag stands for anything other than a symbol of hate.

Take a look.

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