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A Maryland woman died after receiving a butt-enlargement injection, according to the NYPD.

Kelly Mayhew, 34, of Suitland, Md. died Saturday after getting the injection from an apparently unlicensed doctor. NYPD said there was “no indication” the woman who gave the shot had any kind of license.

Mayhew’s mother told police her daughter received silicone injections, then started having trouble breathing. The suspect then fled, according to police.

Police say the injection was given in a basement apartment of a private residence in Queens.

Mayhew died at the hospital and police are still looking for the suspect. Police say the cause of death is pending.

BET Networks confirmed that Mayhew was an employee and the network released the following statement Tuesday:

“We are saddened by the death of our colleague and friend, Kelly Mayhew. Our hearts go out to her family and we extend our deepest sympathies for their loss.”

According to Mayhew’s mother, her daughter received 5 injections previously.

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  • Rizzo

    what’s with this big butt craze. black women were harshly criticized/mocked by white people back in the day for having wide hips, big legs, big butts and — having the nerve to have lips. every time i see/hear about the butt craze, i think of sarah baartman.

    • Me

      honestly, i feel like i just started hearing about it when nicki minaj started getting big. i remember there being a lot of talk about her butt & how dudes still liked the look even though they know it’s fake. then all these butt injection stories started popping up. i don’t remember them before her.

    • Rizzo

      i remember the movie ‘school daze’ and the dance routine that was done to the song ‘doin the butt.’
      i think jennifer lopez made the big butt ok with white people, along with nicki minaj.
      for me, i find that this is one of those hard to understand concepts, particularly when black people have been caricatured over the years with certain physical characteristics, the butt being one of those characteristics. young black women who are willing to put their lives in danger to achieve a particular physical characteristic based solely on narcissism, is very hard for me to understand.


    She wanted to get a butt injection at age 34? Damn, peer pressure is mofo.