One of the top masterminds behind the social media craze that has taken over the world in less than a decade is coming under fire for the lack of diversity in his employee pool.

According to Jezebel, a few eye-opening statistics from the “Diversity Report” of social media pioneer Facebook received public attention earlier this week and the numbers paint a grim picture for African-Americans looking to join team, with less than 1 percent (7 people total, to be exact) of Black hires reported with the company as of that year. In addition, 73% of senior leadership at Facebook is white, while Asian employees make up 36% of their workforce with whites also holding down the overall majority at 56%.

In May of this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had this to say on the topic of diversity in the company’s employee model:

“We have the same talent bar for everyone,” he said. “But we want to find a disproportionate number of candidates who are women and minorities.”

Unfortunately, it’d be a lie to say that we’re surprised to hear that the number of Black employees at such a massive, influential, financially inept company are severely lacking. As we’ve all come to notice, it’s highly common for these largely successful companies to have no problems depending on the involvement of the black community to keep their revenue streams consistent and growing but equally as common to see them make little to no strides in the area of diversifying their employee portfolio to include us in their workforce.

The undeniable fact that African-Americans frequent Facebook at an increasing rate combined with the fact that many of the most popular trends and money-making innovations that come from social media today are largely in part due to the presence of Black people on sites like Facebook are reason enough for the powers that be who oversee this company’s hiring procedures need to begin fixing this problem ASAP.

Do we think that will actually happen any time soon? Don’t hold you breath.

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