Orange Is the New Black stars Laverne Cox, Samira Wiley, Danielle Brooks, Vicki Jeudy, Adrienne C. Moore and Uzo Adubo are on the cover of July’s Essence, dressed in various shades of orange of course.

As the show gears up for its new season later this month on Netflix, it’s awesome to see these women get their well deserved shine! And it’s hard to pick a favorite out of this photo. Let’s just say each of them deserve kudos and love!

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  • Jaya

    A lot of Black women in this country seem to seriously lack cunning or smarts. Pretty soon, transgendered black males like Laverne are going to begin replacing black women in the media because they don’t have the baggage that some view actual black women as having and they have the LGBT lobby behind them. The LGBTs and their supporters don’t play. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Biracial black women have already mostly replaced black women in major slots in the media. But we have black women here applauding Laverne sitting front and center, supposedly on a black women’s magazine. WTH! I guess black women never get tired of having [email protected] shoved in their face.

    Sure, Kaitlyn Jenner is going to be on the cover of white magazine covers, but not because he’s viewed as equal to white female desirability.He’s being viewed as a pretty freak, not one of the girls. No offense intended to anyone.

    I don’t have a problem with transgendered folks.They have the right to be who they are, but I’m 100% against them replacing me. I can see Laverne right now being cast as a black woman or as an un-typecast woman in a major movie role, maybe not as a romantic lead, but still that’s a role that a black woman might have gotten. This is how it starts but as usual, so many black women don’t see the warning signs of the avalanche, and don’t take the right stand against it, until it’s too late.

    • vintage3000

      “but not because he’s viewed as equal to white female desirability.”

      Great point. Caitlyn will never be interchangeable for natural born White women. And I get that Cox’s character is a popular cast member and that is why she is featured here (LOVE the show btw, can’t wait until next week). And the fact that Cox has lightened herself several shades to boot…

      But as you astutely noted, i would not be surprised if she starts getting cast in roles written for natural born Black women, with no mention of her transgender status at all. A transgendered woman to man would never be given this kind of flexibility; Chaz Bono’s coming out party was not celebrated like Cox’s and Jenner’s. And a Black woman transgendered to man would damn sure never be high fived by Black men-what?!

    • Jaya

      This is why I get tired of black folks always complaining about things. Why can’t they see this stuff coming? Most of the time, there are lots of warning signs.

      Most Black women don’t seem to think about how anything that starts out innocently today might affect them tomorrow. Too many of us will just go along with whatever makes us feel good, at the moment. We need to put the fire out when we see the smoke, not wait until it becomes a raging inferno.

  • Nia

    Why did they put the three darker skinned girls at the back, and the brown skinned girls at the front?

  • Justmythoughts

    Isn’t the main character a White woman?