One of the greatest atrocities Black women had to face during slavery and Jim Crow was the fact that they had to breastfeed white babies, as their own became malnourished.

A new film,  “The History of My Chocolate Milk,” aims to enlighten people on the history of Black women and breastfeeding.

The creators of the film are looking to secure funding for completion by using GoFundMe:

Black children are 2.4 times more likely to die before their first birthday and according to the CDC this could be lowered by as much as 50% with the increase of breastfeeding.

We are raising funds to complete, market and release a feature-length documentary film, Breastfeeding a Nation: The History of My Chocolate Milk, exploring the disparaging breastfeeding rates within the Black communities, and diving into how our history plays a role in the present statics. The film will put the faces of real Mothers who breastfeed real children in the forefront. With the help of community activists, psychologists, nurses and political figures, Afrykayn Moon, the director, will attempt to make history of breastfeeding in the Black community visible, as well as articulate a few of the barriers that exist today.

The money raised through GoFundMe will be used for travel expenses for the film crew to conduct interviews in multiple cities. It will also be used in production to create special effects & titles, as well as for the process of combining all of these elements: rendering, compositing, sound design and editing, as well as the necessary hardware and software needed to create a high-resolution product. Historical re-enactment scenes for the film will also use a portion of the funds. Finally, a lot of the money will be used for media promotions for the theatrical release of the film.

To learn more about the women behind the movement, visit their GoFundMe page.

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  • Noirluv45

    This is a good, positive project. Breastfeeding, if one can do it, is a wonderful thing for mother/baby. I hope they get the funding.

    S/N: I remember when my mom was in the hospital, they had a channel for breastfeeding mothers. All the mothers in the video were White.

    • Exactly.

    • “All the mothers in the video were White” Certain class of white women are aware of the important of breastfeeding their offsprings, they knows that breastfeeding promotes bonding between mother and child, they knows breastfeeding promotes greater mental well-being in child and less behavior problems in breastfeed babies etc. and they knows that women who breastfeed their babies has less breast cancer, think about that last one. Think about it breast cancer didn’t explode in this country until after the late 60s when women was discourage from and stop breastfeeding their babies over the last 15 years they knew this but they won’t tell women this however now it’s just leaking out.

  • This is a story that must be told. Breastfeeding is beautiful as it connects mother and child. Also, there are numerous health benefits of breastfeeding too.

    This story is one out of many which shows the strength, the resiliency, the intelligence, and the great spiritual power of black women.

    • Tony

      Sooo, the pictures of black woman breast feeding white babies….. they are connecting?

    • I mean the mother and the child of black African descent (who are related to each other in a healthy relationship) are connecting excluding black women being forced to breastfeed white babies. Others know what I mean. This story has a long history.

    • true, but she was forced to do this at the expense of her own baby and that’s what so sad.

    • Tony

      The pictures of black women breast feeding white babies was disturbing to me, that is why I mentioned it. To think that some of the white babies that black women took care of grew up to hate black people, boggles the mind.

    • “The pictures of black women breast feeding white babies was disturbing to me” I have heard of this before, I grew up in the Jim Crow south I heard black people talking about this back then and the sad thing about those black women who breastfeed those white babies bonded with those children and when they got old their white parents taught and force those children to reject that black women who nursed them.

  • What is the need for a movie to promote what out of nature you should have been doing anyway it seems that we have a generation of blacks that need self-aggrandizement over substance and real change. Be that as it may out of the nature in which god created the black women she have always breastfeed her offsprings until she was force to breastfeed others offsprings at the expense
    of her own and up until the late 60s when the liberal social engineers convince
    women it was better to buy a manmade formula and feed her baby rather than doing what is natural breastfeeding her own baby [just think they convince us that a man made formula was better for babies than what nature design for babies and
    we believed it now look where we are at the prison are full and the undertaker is rich], all of these schemes to discourage women from breastfeeding her babies came out about the same time after the civil rights bill was sign and all of these light industry came out that need women labor that took a large number of women out of the house and into the work force and guess what the success of that scheme have led to the down fall and the dysfunction of the black family and
    the black community, now some will ask how, the answer is breastfeeding does more for mother and child than just feeding, breastfeeding create a unbreakable bond between mother and child, breast feed babies are more mentally balance, less hard headed, less disobedient and much more healthy children there is a direct correlation between children who was not breastfeed and youth crime.