Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 8.46.00 AMNicki Minaj and her fiancé Safaree Samuels spent 12 years in a relationship together, so regardless of how many people want to act like either of their actions following their split are uncommon, the truth is, they’re actually pretty standard and very normal.

From the looks of things, Nicki seemed to have checked out of the relationship before they officially called it quits, as we women often do after we feel we’ve given our all in a situation that we just can’t see getting any better.

Safaree, on the other hand, appears to have been stuck in a space somewhere between feeling consistently unappreciated and expecting things to somehow work themselves out for the better when the two parted ways. After a rough couple of months filled with public lash outs on both of their parts, things quieted down for the two former lovebirds and they each looked to have either moved on with their lives or learned to keep the messy aftermath of their break up out of the public eye. However, a new song from Safaree titled “Love The Most” leaked earlier this week and ignited the flame of bitterness all over again.

In the song, Safaree details the way he felt having to keep his relationship with Nicki under wraps once she became famous and even reveals that they argued over his suspicions about her having feelings for Meek Mill while they were still together.

Take a listen to a snippet of the song below.

Once word of the song (which was quickly labeled a Nicki Minaj “diss track”) got out, Nicki did not hesitate to say a few words of her own from her Twitter account in response to Safaree’s revealing ode to their rocky relationship.


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