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EJ Brown is tackling stereotypes head on. The 25-year-old created a series of photos called The Mugshot Series to debunk stereotypes Black men face.

In the series, Black men pose in mugshots but have on their graduation cap and gowns and holding placards with their degrees.

Brown said:

We’re not condoning violence, gang activity or criminality, we’re just bringing to light these negative perceptions and how we feel about them. I’m about spreading peace, love and understanding.

Check out some of the photos from the series below and head to Brown’s blog to learn more.

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Photo Credits: EJ Brown

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  • Jaya

    Well, this is a good look! I hope these men will find good employment or start businesses, marry black women, and share the perks of their degrees with them.

    • Me

      amen to all of that!

    • Mary Burrell

      Yes to all of that

    • amen again and there is a lot of good young black men like those brother, but even the black media don’t give them credit nor promote their accomplishments simple because there is nothing to gain for them.

  • binks

    Honestly, I love it! Very bold, daring and challenge lots of truths and perceptions people have so great idea.

    While we are on the subject of graduation and criminality, @Clutch did you see the article that is circulating on the web of the Mississippi high school graduation where the principal issued out an arrest warrant for the black family that cheered for their graduate? It is crazy.

    • Me

      that’s crazy. i would be mad if my state or city police actually wasted money on arrest warrants for that mess. that’s definitely a 1st amendment violation.

    • binks

      Exactly! I am still scratching my head on how it’s criminal. Granted it can be considered rude or annoying but not criminal. The police department and the principal are just misusing and abusing their power in this situation. It is just bizarre!

  • Outstanding and thought provoking….kudos to these young men!

  • This is a witty, and excellent display of the truth. It shows that many black men are doing the right thing and contributing to society in a positive way.

    Congratulations to the young Brothers.

  • Mary Burrell

    Men of excellence