Bree Newsome takes down Confederate flag

Brother Malcolm told us that sometimes we need to get freedom, justice, and equality “by any means necessary,” and it looks like Bree Newsome took his words to heart.

After a weeklong call for the Confederate battle flag to be removed from the South Carolina statehouse grounds in the wake of the Charleston massacre, Newsome scaled the 30 foot flagpole at the Confederate soldiers memorial and snatched it down.

Newsome, who is a filmmaker and “freedom fighter,” was arrested along with a fellow South Carolinian activist James Ian Tyson. They’ve been charged with defacing a monument and are being held in a Charleston jail. Noted documentarian Michael Moore said he’ll cover her bail.

Predictably, Black Twitter is all abuzz by Newsome’s brave actions, with many calling her a hero.

Interestingly, there’s a pro-Confederate flag rally happening in Charleston today despite South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s stance that the flag should come down.

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  • lexdiamonz

    like EVERYTHING else .. we done asked you once.. we not going to ask you again lol

  • bray_tusk91

    Bree Newsome’s HBCU Family Ties

    The daughter of former Shaw University President and Howard University Divinity Dean Clarence G.

  • Cheri

    Harriett Tubman…
    Rosa Parks….Bree Newsome….

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