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For the Black community, yesterday was a day of sadness and mourning. News that a young white gunman shot and killed 9 Black men and women in their place of worship— the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston— circulated tearing a gaping hole into the hearts of many Americans, Black and white alike.


Left: Susie Jackson | Top Row: Cynthia Hurd DePayne Doctor, and Sharonda Coleman-Singleton | Bottom row: Daniel Simmons Sr., Tywanza Sanders, and Clementa Pinckney (Image Credit: The Grio)

But for Black entertainers, it was another day of business as usual. As the Black community continues to confront racism and hatred from not only the police force and judicial system, but average white citizens who are not only hyper vigilant but filled with hate for people of color, it is baffling that so many of these artist have not only remained silent about these issues, but even had the nerve to carry on with business as usual on some of the most historically tragic days America has faced in decades. Though there are some artists who have spoken up and offered not only condolences, but words of support.


Solange Released this tweet that spoke to all of our weary hearts:

Kerry Washington, Sanaa Lathan and Nicki Minaj offered their prayers:

Kelly Roland:



Killer Mike:

John Legend:

Ava DuVernay:

here has also been astounding silence, as well. Or worse yet, some of these artists have been straight up disrespectfully dismissive.

Chris Brown issued tweets to market his new video:

Matter of fact, he is among a long list of artist who thought their money was more important than the Black community.

Travie McCoy released a video because he felt “golden”:

A$ap Rocky reminded us that his new album was dropping:

The Weekend hinted that his album is almost finished:

And Kendrick Lamar was too busy tweeting about hats to even publicly acknowledge the Charleston Shooting, despite the claims that he makes music for revolutionaries:

If these artist did not make a statement on the day, but were respectful enough to simply not market, then there would be less harsh judgements to be made, but the “business as usual” attitudes widely displayed by these men and women spit in the face of the Black community. And guess who was more vocal than these Black artist? White ones. Hayley from Paramore had a very thoughtful statement to inject into the discussion:

Hillary Clinton:

Taylor Swift:

Even Josh Groban made a statement:

This post is not just about publicly shaming these artists, but it also serves to shame us as consumers. When will Black people demand more from Black artists? Was it not Hip-hop music that once spoke to the plight of the Black people? Now we accept music about “hoes”, “weed” and money in its place?

I think Black folks must really reevaluate who they are supporting with their dollars. It most certainly should not be individuals who do not care to reciprocate that support.

Image Credits: AP/The Grio

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  • BillipPhailey

    Blacks ceded hip hop to white folks and have succumbed to the rap game. This is disappointing but not surprising.

    We’ve been at war for 14 years. Who rhymed about that? How many rap gamers served or ever worked an honest job? What do they really know about real life?

  • AfroCapricornette

    CB:Bitches &Marijuana??? What is wrong with these people?!?? And who the heck are Travis McCoy and that ASAP fool??? Unfortunately, I discovered that ASAP idiot 2 weeks ago or so during his Rita Ora lyric shaming. Ugh!!! I don’t spend my $$ on these idiots anyways so their nonchalance doesn’t bother me.

  • G

    Pay attention who you give your hard earned money to . . . as I have said previously, most of these people only care about exploiting their fan base.

    A far cry from the Lena Hornes’ and Harry Belafontes’ of the past.

    Self-centered, self-serving!

    • binks

      THIS! It is so sad to compare this crop of black celebrities today to the ones of yesteryear that was deep in Civil Right and the advancement of the black community and culture that supported and back various causes. There is only a slim handful I consider activists for the modern day era of celebrity culture. Honestly, I don’t expect much from this generation of black celebrities because once they make it to the top it is about them staying there and rarely helping others like them to reach the same point. So for me, they can stay silent or keep the broad tweets/words because the true stars and celebrities are the everyday people who continue to fight, march and bring awareness to our causes. But I agree, stop supporting folks who don’t give a damn about you other than looking for you to continue their brand and fund their lifestyles.

  • K.C.

    6 black women were among the 9 people massacred on Wednesday and the next day Chris Brown puts out a tweet with the work B***tches on it. Spend your money wisely Black America. I will not spending a penny to support him. Not that I did before, but I certainly won’t now.

  • K.C.

    Since I had no other article to post this on, can I just call out Kanye
    West for having announced he is having a baby boy yesterday evening yet
    he could not find it in himself to make a statement about Charleston
    this week. I am so done with his narcissism. Clutch, please do an
    article on that. He needs to be called out on this. Thanks.