An 11-year-old Illinois boy was arrested after playing with a toy gun. Granite City, Il. police say they were justified in the arrest.

Chris Fulton, 11, said he pulled an air soft pistol out of his pocket while crossing the street near a laundry mat at the intersection of Nameoki Road and East 23rd Street. Fulton said the he was playing with others and the gun was not loaded with any plastic balls.

“I was fake shooting with my brother and others,” Fulton said.

Granite City police said a driver called to report the child, who was crossing the street in front of his car. The driver alleges after asking the boys to hurry up and cross, the kid pointed the gun at him.


“The juvenile in the green shirt pointed what appeared to be a real gun as he walked towards the sidewalk,” said Granite City Police Chief Richard Miller.

Fulton denies he pointed the toy gun at anyone.

From KMOV:

Police said they saw the toy gun in Fulton’s front pocket when they arrived. Miller told News 4 officers on the scene drew their weapons, but did not know Fulton’s age and did not know the gun was a toy.

“As they pulled on the lot they did not know his age, they did not know it was toy,” Miller said.

Miller also said police did not read Fulton his rights and were under no obligation to do so because they did not question him.

Fulton’s family said the accusations by police are false. Fulton’s mother said she is upset with how police handled the situation. She wants all charges dropped

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  • Mahogany

    They could’ve just asked him to put the toy away. On another note, I’ve never been a fan of toy gun ? ?

    • Mariposa Sedosa

      There are many ways they could have handled this situation. But arresting a child for behaving like a child shouldn’t be one of them. Many people find brown skin threatening on its own. So I’m not sure that the toy gun was the issue. It is wrong that black children are not allowed to be children and are conditioned to racism early on. What about just calling his parents?

    • Chazz A

      Agreed. In fact I think toy gun manufacturers should make all toy guns orange or any bright color so that it can’t possibly be confused with a real gun.

  • Chazz A

    Thankfully, this 11 yr old child didn’t get killed by the cops. I’m fed up with these incidents of people calling 911 and either lying or giving misleading info relating to what actually happened when it involves young black boys!
    A month ago, a white male walked into an airport in Georgia with an assault rifle over his shoulder. To my shock, I read that it is legal for a registered gun owner to carry a concealed firearm in the airport as well as a bar or a church in the state of Georgia! Yet our young black brothers are getting gunned down by cops while either unarmed or playing with toy guns. This is BS hypocrisy and the whole nine!!

    • Noirluv45

      Of course, Chazz, the sight of a young Black boy with a fake gun is more of a threat than an armed White man with a REAL gun.

    • Chazz A

      No doubt my sister and its a damn shame!

    • Noirluv45

      For sure, Chazz. For sure. SMH!

    • I have seen grown white men in restaurants, etc. wearing guns and no one bats an eyes. If a black child carries a toy gun, that child is readily treated as an adult. That’s the disgrace about it. I also caught the cops saying that they didn’t know which age the child was knowing full well that the kid was a child.

    • Chazz A

      Wow, it sounds like the wild west in VA brother Truth. You’re right, there is a different set of standards when cops deal with black children.

    • Yes, VA has very lax guns laws. Guns are everywhere, from the rural areas onward. The double standards are real. To the credit of the young activists today, they are certainly making awareness about these issues from police terrorism to economic oppression. Also, many of these bigots are intimidated by the revolutionary spirit of black youth. That is why cultivating that strong, revolutionary spirit in our youth in order for more political change to exist is a great goal to pursue.

    • Chazz A

      No doubt, the gun fanatics are in fear of progressive change and anything else that jeopardizes their false sense of supremacy.

  • well well well after all that has happen this pass year parents sill buying young boys play guns. Go figure! I know that got the right to buy their child a toy gun but I am just saying this could have easily became another tragedy [four officer pulled their weapon].

    • Noirluv45

      Yeah, times have changed, and putting a toy gun in a Black boy or girl’s hand is asking for trouble.

    • that’s what I am talking about, as a parent I question the logic, mindset or sanity of any parent who buy or allow their child to handle a toy gun [now days they look very real] off of their private property that’s just part of being a parent considering all that has happen over the years at some point common sense must come into play, as I read one time “wisdom and knowledge is great but above all ye must have understanding” regardless of what the law say.

    • Noirluv45

      You know, it might be (and I’m giving these parents the benefit of the doubt) that they might not know their child is playing with a toy gun. I’m just trying to come up with some logical explanation. Parents have to be very diligent when it comes to things like this because times have certainly changed.

    • ok I thought about that but still a adult bought that toy gun and most likely a black parent bought that toy gun.

  • Mary Burrell

    I am glad he was not killed. Remember Tamir Rice.

    • that’s what I would have thought this boy parents would have thought about before buying him that toy gun or if they had already bought it they should have taken it away and explain to him why I am taking it away and I bet he would have understood. Now that’s what good sane parents would have done.

  • Rissa

    Potential discrimination aside, WHY would anyone buy their child a toy version of a weapon (gun) in this day and age? If it’s not a nerf gun, paint gun or a water gun, what kind of entertainment are you trying to give your kids? I fail to see how parents could in good conscience give their child a realistic looking toy gun for him/her to aim at other people (in this case the boy’s siblings) in the name of fun. I guess it’s ok because it’s not real ….right? That sends a very dangerous message.

    • you comment is spot on point just plain old good common sense.