Odell Beckham Jr.

Last November, New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. crossed over to legendary status when he made the “catch of the year” during primetime game against the Dallas Cowboys. While the Giants had a losing record last season, Beckham’s on-field play elevated the former LSU standout into a bona fide star.

Back in January, Beckham was named offensive rookie of the year, and this season he’s expected to be one of the most important members of the Giant’s squad. But while that’s all well and good, Beckham’s football skills aren’t what keeps the 22-year-old’s Instagram on my “must see” list.

I know it’s shallow, but good gawd, Odell Beckham Jr. is fahn! And here are 14 times that his ‘gram made us channel our inner Florida Evans and say, ”DAMN, DAMN DAMN!”

That one time he covered ESPN’s Body Issue and we almost blacked out.


That one time he gazed into our soul, while chillin’ on the couch.

That one time he was driving somewhere.

That time he was on the sidelines looking like something the Lord made.

That one time he rapped along to Lil Wayne.

That one time he posed with his lil man.

That one time he posed with the other Beckham.

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That one time he held up a cereal box and we dreamed he asked us over for breakfast.

That one time he got an award and looked positively dashing.

That one time he was dancing with his homie and we said, “Aww.”

That one time he stepped out with his mom and killed the red carpet.

That one time he stood next to Drake and completely out shined him.

That one time he was chillin’ and we wished we could hang with him.

That one time he was…aw hell…what was I saying, again?

Now we here …. #wayyyUpp

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