For the first time since accusations of rape were made against Bill Cosby, 35 of the 46 accusers are now speaking out exclusively with New York Magazine.

New York Magazine photographed and interviewed each woman separately and notes that each of “their stories have remarkable similarities.”

An empty chair was also left on the cover to represent women who aren’t able to tell their story. The cover story comes on the heels of Cosby’s 2005 deposition¬†that was released by the New York Times.

In the article, everyone from Beverly Johnson to women who did not lead their lives in the public light tells how exposing Cosby has made them feel more empowered.

Victoria Valentino also shares her story of how she met Cosby in 1969 shortly after her 6-year-old son had died. Cosby offered to cheer her up with dinner, during which she says he offered her and her friend a pill to make them feel better. He then allegedly brought the two women back to his apartment.

“He sat down and unzipped his fly and had me give him oral sex. He stood up, turned me over, did me doggy style, and walked out,” she says. “Just as he got to the door, I was going, ‘How do we get out of here, how do we get home?’ He said, ‘Call a cab.'”

Jewel Allison says she was introduced to Cosby through her modeling agent and a dinner was arranged for the two to meet. She accepted a glass of wine, which she says “had a horrible taste.”

“I started not feeling well. He helped me up by my underarms with both hands. He walked me into the next room, where there was a mirror on the wall, and he told me to look at myself,” she tells the magazine. “And then he took my right hand, and he put it behind my back. I remember seeing semen on the floor. And I felt some liquid on my hand. That was when I knew something sexual was going on.”

Cosby has never been charged with a crime and is adamantly denied drugging and raping women, but said they took the drugs willingly.


Photo Credits: New York Magazine

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