I’m not sure who started it, or why, but the hashtag #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter started trended on Twitter on Friday, and let’s just say Black Twitter and their non-Black allies killed it with fire–and lots and lots of jokes.

Perhaps some white women were salty Serena Williams continues to dominate the tennis world, or maybe they weren’t feeling enough love (I mean, you’d think being the mainstream standard of beauty would be enough). Either way, #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter started out as an appreciation for our pale-skinned sisters, but it quickly became a critique of privilege, race, and oppression.

And it was HI-LARIOUS.

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  • Pauline Kellam

    Characteristics of the delusional,self important, insecure, empty-headed antebellum southern belle. They couldn’t even do it then without black women… despite all their wealth and privilege.

  • Lea Hill

    Did anyone else notice the ‘love’ coming from all WOC, men (all races), and other white women? Don’t sleep on the allies.

  • madwmn

    Taking it up the arse? Yes, they do it better.

  • lareyna

    White woman’s tears are at it again! They cannot comprehend that the world doesn’t revolves around them and their needs. Whenever a WOC does something positive or winning at a traditionally WASP domain, they get real mad and hateful. Their hatred towards POC, esp. WOC reveals their insecurities and racism.