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After the death of Bobbi Kristina (BK), many people wondered where would her inheritance from Whitney Houston end up? BK, who was single and childless, died on Sunday after being comatose since January 31. BK inherited her mother’s estate, which some estimate was worth over $20,000,000, but now that she’s gone, where will it go?

According to The Wrap, two attorneys who’ve read over Houston’s will says now the money will be divided between Houston’s family members, including her mother and brothers.

From The Wrap:

Bobbi Kristina, therefore, had only received the first payment in the distribution plan. Houston’s will stipulates that “if Bobbi Kristina were to die unmarried, without children of her own and had left no will and testament of her own, the estate would be divided among Whitney’s living relatives,” Gaynes explained.

Those relatives are listed as Whitney’s mother Emily “Cissy” Houston, and her brothers Michael and Gary, according to Gaynes. Whitney’s father John is listed as well, but he died in 2003.

“Robert Brown is also listed,” Gaynes said of Bobbi Kristina’s father Bobby Brown, “but their divorce … would nullify his claim to the estate.”

The Houston estate, which is reported to be at least $20 million, is difficult to define. While rumors of financial trouble plagued Whitney in her final days, music royalties have poured in since her death.

Bobbi-Kristina-Bobby-Brown_facebookOn Monday, Bobby Brown broke his silence about the death of his daughter.

“Krissy was and is an angel. I am completely numb at this time,” the singer, 46, said in a statement released by his lawyer Monday. “My family must find a way to live with her in spirit and honor her memory. Our loss is unimaginable.”

He adds, “We thank everyone for the prayers for Krissy and our family as we mourn my baby girl.”


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  • Mahogany

    This girl just died not even two days ago and we are already taking about who will inherit the money. Smh

    • Mary Burrell

      I thought about that too.

    • RaiseTheBar

      “…already talking about who will inherit the money. Smh”

      It’s encouraging to read that others were troubled by this, as well.

    • LogicalLeopard

      Kind of like most deaths. Unfortunately.

  • It’s certainly too early to obsess about who gets what from the will especially when Bobbi Kristina has not even been buried yet. On another note, those are very gracious words from Bobby Brown. The rest of Bobbi Kristina’s family has also shown grace, strength and love too. RIP to Bobbi Kristina.

    • Mary Burrell


    • Thank you Mary Burrell.

    • RaiseTheBar

      “…to obsess about who gets what from the will…”

      THANK You!!!

      I don’t care who gets what $$$$s.

      I want Bobbi Kristina’s Energy to be re-united with that of her mommy’s, Whitney!

  • Sadly we lost another person to mental illness Bobbi life meant allot to people whom loved her never overcame. Unexpected depression which plague many people I pray both families strengthen each other. Money can’t bring departed souls back in this life many inquire why? Accident or suicide Black folks don’t discuss this persist and growing time is now find help. Gary Coleman (1968-2010) another falling star whom death unexpected Dana Plato (1964-1999) similar to Bobbi her only son. Dana’s child grieved died Tyler Lambert (1985-2010) list going on what is wrong. Yassem Khan fame daughter of Rita Hayward (1915-1987) grandson Andrew died (1986-2011) sadness can we learn of signs not unkind find help for love ones. Bobbi was bright child once before we lost another soul with faith we deter others. Merci