Sandra Bland

As questions swirl around what actually happened to Sandra Bland, the 28-year-old woman who died in the Waller County jail last week, Cannon Lambert, the attorney for Bland’s family says the district attorney is now requesting a second autopsy of Bland’s body.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Lambert told host Lawrence O’donnell he received a text from the district attorney’s office requesting another autopsy be conducted on Bland’s body because the first was “defective.”

Waller County officials are denying they requested a second autopsy, however Lambert says he received a text telling Bland’s family to make her “body available for future examination by qualified experts.”

If Waller County officials do indeed conduct yet another autopsy of Bland it’ll be her third. Bland’s family commissioned their own independent autopsy as well.

Since Bland’s body has been released by Texas officials and flown back to the Chicago area for her funeral, which is scheduled this weekend, it’s unclear whether or not Bland’s family will comply with the request for a another autopsy. What is clear, however, is that between the “defective” autopsy and the edited dashcam video of her arrest, Waller County officials seem unable figure out what happened to Sandra Bland.

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