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Controversial white artist Ti-Rock Moore is catching flack for her Michael Brown art exhibit that opened up in Chicago over the weekend.

The art exhibit features a life-size replica of Michael Brown lying face down after his death, according to a TV report.

The exhibit at the Gallery Guichard is titled “Confronting Truths: Wake Up!” Included in the exhibit is the life-sized Michael Brown figure, as well as a black Statue of Liberty and a noose dangling from a neon sign.

As Kirsten West-Savali wrote on The Root, the exhibit revictimizes Michael Brown:

I tend to reject safe art and embrace that which makes me step out of my comfort zone and feel something, so I have fought against my reaction to Moore’s piece. Some may read that as meaning that she has accomplished her mission but they would be wrong.

My reaction is to her having her white hands on Michael Brown’s black body when he’s not here to protect himself. It is eerily and unsurprisingly reminiscent of poet Kenneth Goldsmith having the audacity to read Michael Brown’s autopsy report and call it poetry.

State-sanctioned, anti-black killing is not art. Neither is murder, although legally I cannot call his death a murder.

And despite Moore’s assertions to the contrary, a working definition of white privilege is white artists believing they can claim artistic ownership of black death, while disowning their white guilt and being applauded for their “courageousness.”

Clutchettes, what do you think about the exhibit? Is it tasteless?

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  • mmmdot

    Just look at the pictures of bloodthirsty audiences of white savages – white men, women and children – that GLEEFULLY gathered JUST to view (and participate in) barbaric acts of white terrorism like lynchings. There has ALWAYS been a robust market for WHITE COSUMPTION of BLACK PAIN. Whites LOVED burning black people alive at the stake in lynchings
    and cutting off their bodies parts for SOUVENIRS while they were STILL CONSCIOUS. This included women who they gleefully GANG RAPED first. Pregnant women? Still tortured, raped, and murdered by HAPPY white savages. Hanging someone from a tree really
    doesn’t describe the kind of white DEGENERATES who participated in and condoned
    lynchings and this describes the MAJORITY of white Americans in EVERY part of the country. What kind of PERSON keeps a mudered human being’s KNUCKLES as a ‘keepsake’ and THEN passes it down from GENERATION to GENERATION within their trashy white ‘family’? We are dealing with sociopathic, thuggish white GHOULS – that INCLUDES the women.

  • mmmdot

    Whites HABITUALLY pull this racist shxt. It’s not a question of IF they’ll do it, it’s a question of WHEN they’ll do it. They may SEEM nice on the surface, but you ALWAYS wonder WHEN it’s coming with them- like when they’re going to open their mouths and something racist is going to fall out. Or when they’re going to do something racist to you.This is why I can’t
    get close to whites unless they’re on some John Brown shit.

    This is why I mention John Brown: He didn’t CHOOSE to follow the sociopathic white supremacist “instincts” that this racist white culture indoctrinates white people with. He realized the truly horrific nature of racial slavery and white supremacy and he completely rejected it to the point that he was willing to KILL other whites to get it to end. We don’t teach as much about John Brown as we do Frederick Douglass. He is constantly written off as a crazy religious nut and a fanatic. Yet writers we’re taught to admire in English class, like Emerson and Thoreau, admired HIM. Not that any teachers in school are going to tell you that.

    • Mary Burrell

      When it comes to our history it will not be taught

  • Mary Burrell

    Aren’t most contemporary art pieces controversial? In my opinion this is disrespectful to Michael Brown’s family and i think it’s awful. But isn’t there a saying about art being subjective?

  • Simon666

    Black people: Kylie Jenner needs to raise awareness of police brutality if she wants to wear cornrows; it is part of black culture.

    White artist: raises awareness of police brutality

    Black people: white people can’t do this either.

    Actual thought going through black people’s heads: kill whitey, whatever he does.

  • n0n0

    Another article’s quote:

    Brown Jr.’s great aunt, Sheila Morgan, told affiliate WGN that Michael’s story is one that needs to be told.

    “This is very important. Michael’s life mattered. That’s why it’s so
    important for us to be here,” she said. “I think the world, the
    community needs to understand that what happened to Michael … if it
    happened to Michael, it could happen to anyone.”

    Yea, cause ANYONE will reach into a cop car and try to grab the officer’s gun.