#Howitfeelstobeablackgirl is a hashtag that needs every Black woman’s immediate. The dialogue, created by filmmaker Jada Mosely, includes tweets from Black women that show the joys, pain, tribulations and challenges it takes to be a Black girl in today’s society.

Take a few moments out of your day to look at the hashtag and share your own #howitfeelstobeablackgirl sentiments in the comment section.

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  • binks

    This hashtag is everything! I don’t have twitter but I am considering joining just so I can add.

  • Mary Burrell

    I know i was wrong for laugh at the tweet that said something about black girls wanting to be white girls and dying their hair blonde, she said something about throwing lice in her hair. OMG! I am sorry but i did laugh at that.

    • elle D.

      Ms. Lady, you and I are often eye >< eye on these boards, I also laughed OUT LOUD for real on that one.

    • Mary Burrell


    • ronnieTX

      That was funny! I laughed a lot at that one.

    • Mary Burrell

      I don’t feel so bad then

    • Noirluv45

      Girl, I laughed too. Don’t be ashamed. LOL! I also wanted to include, add some dog smell to it as well but thought better of it.

    • Mary Burrell

      ok, i don’t feel bad then