1437182639970Ex-Google staffer Erica Baker recently tweeted some interesting accusations towards Google. Baker accused the tech giant of  gender and racial discrimination.

In her tweets, Baker revealed a secret Google spreadsheet that showed the salaries of 5% of Google’s workforce. But the spreadsheet was frowned upon by the higher-ups. But there’s no law against employees discussing their salaries with each other.

After everyone started sharing salaries, Baker noticed salary disparities that differed across gender and race lines.

From NY Post:

Baker was employed by Google for eight years, rising through the ranks from an IT field technician, to an executive support technician, to trial programs manager for Google TV, to corporate operations engineer and, lastly, to site-reliability engineer. But she claims she was also discriminated against in her finals months because management blocked several $150 “peer bonuses” that were intended for her due to her creation of the spreadsheet, while awarding peer bonuses to a white male colleague who was also associated with the spreadsheet.

Major tech companies, including Google, as well as Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc. voluntarily released diversity statistics last summer that showed workforces heavily tilted toward men — 70% men in most cases. It was even more lopsided with technical jobs — Twitter, for example, reported a technical staff comprised 90% of men. A mere 2% of Google’s workforce was comprised of black people.

The irony that this information was shared on Ida B. Wells’ birthday is quite interesting. And like Baker stated, Wells would not be pleased with her Google Doodle while discrimination was going on at Google.

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