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Kim Kardashian’s youngest sister Kylie Jenner seems to be rubbing many in the Black community the wrong way lately and she’s yet again found herself at the center of criticism from one of her African-American peers.

16-year-old actress Amandla Stenberg, who is widely known for her role as “Rue” in the Hunger Games film, has also been making her mark on the industry as the youngest voice of her generation to constantly speak out about social issues impacting Black culture. Using social media as a platform, Amandla has been very vocal about the police brutality epidemic in the Black community while also criticizing pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry for appropriating Black culture. Most recently, she turned her attention to 17-year-old Kylie Jenner after Kylie posted an Instagram photo of herself with her hair in cornrows with the caption “I woke up like disss.”

I woke up like disss

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Not long after Kylie posted the photo, Amandla headed straight for the comments section where The Shade Room captured a screenshot of her accusing Kylie of appropriating Black culture by flaunting the hair style but not bringing enough attention to social issues like racism and police brutality that have a negative impact on the Black community.

Kylie responded casually, implying that she’s in a lose-lose situation either way and suggesting that Amandla go ‘hang out with Jaden’ Smith. Kylie’s response was a clear reference to Amandla taking Jaden as her prom date back in May of this year after Kylie and Jaden were rumored to have been dating for nearly 2 years before supposedly breaking up last summer.

Kylie’s response implying that she’d likely face an equal amount of criticism should she take Amandla’s advice by doing more to bring awareness to issues like racism and police brutality is probably right, but given her history for doing just the opposite thus far, can you blame people for being critical?

At last year’s MTV Video Music Awards, which took place just barely 2 weeks after 18-year-old Mike Brown was gunned down by murderous police officer Darren Wilson, Kylie and her sisters were seen in the audience texting during what was supposed to be a moment of silence in remembrance of Mike Brown. Disrespectful much?

Then, in the midst of facing a firestorm of backlash for their lack of compassion for the moment, Kylie tweeted out a paparazzi photo of herself with the caption “Don’t Shoot,” as if to blatantly mock the slogan created by the Black community in support of justice for the killing of Mike Brown and countless other young black men at the hands of police.

Add these two incidents to the fact that Kylie constantly chooses to immerse herself in Black culture in nearly every way possible and it’s not hard to figure out why Amandla, or any other Black person, might feel a certain way about the lack of public support for the Black community in her lifestyle.

What do you think about Amandla’s comment on Kylie’s new hairstyle, Clutchettes?

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