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Africa is not a country. I repeat: Africa is not a country. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop many from assuming the world’s second-largest, and second-most-populous, continent is exactly the same from coast to coast.

Thankfully, Africans from the continent are constantly challenging the “single story” that the mainstream media continues to fall back on, despite overwhelming evidence that Africa, like any other continent, is a robust collection of countries and people.

Monday, Africans across the continent (and diaspora) took to Twitter to lovingly—and hilariously—critique the Motherland via #IfAfricaWasABar.

Twitter user Siyanda Panda, a self-described writer and satirist, started the cheeky hashtag that illuminates both the political and cultural differences in Africa’s 54 nations, while also delivering an astute analysis of the effects of colonialism, totalitarianism, and what makes each country unique.

Take a look.

If Africa was a bar what do you think would happen? Share in the comments section below! 

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