Empire Season 2

We have two more months until Fox drops the second season of its breakout hit Empire on September 23, and honey, we’re so ready!

The first season of the breakout hit mixed heaps of juicy drama and a banging soundtrack with a host of gorgeous stars to become the biggest guilty pleasure on network TV—all while racking up more than 16 million viewers each week.

When we last left off, the Lyon’s beloved empire was in jeopardy. Jamal had won his father’s approval to become head of the company; Cookie joined forces with Boo Boo Kitty to get what’s hers; Andre’s wife accidentally killed Uncle Vernon; Hakeem was pissed his father sent his girlfriend packing; and Lucious was arrested for killing Bunkie.

With so much going on in the first season folks have been wondering how Lee Daniels and his crew could possibly top Empire’s amazing first season. Welp, Fox just released a teaser that gives fans a few clues.

Check it out.

Are you excited for Empire’s return?

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