The death of 28-year-old Illinois native Sandra Bland has officially been ruled a suicide by medical examiners, according to NBC News.

Warren Diepraam, the first assistant district attorney of Waller County, released the findings at a press conference.

Diepraam said the autopsy found no defensive injuries on Bland’s hands — only abrasions on her wrist consistent with a struggle while she was being handcuffed.

The only injury to her neck or head was a “uniform and consistent” mark consistent with a suicide by hanging, not a violent strangling.

Despite the glaring inconsistencies in the “evidence” produced to the public thus far to support the claims that Bland hung herself in her jail cell with a trash bag, the Waller County D.A. is sticking to the post-autopsy findings.

Other inconsistencies that have been made public so far include the questionable nature of the information allegedly found on the forms Bland filled out while being processed for booking. According to jail officials, Bland admitted to being suicidal in 2014 after losing a baby.

Bland’s family had a second, independent autopsy be performed and are currently making preparations for her funeral on Saturday.

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