Cosmopolitan recently produced a video to show just how it feels to be a woman getting catcalled and made the boyfriends of the women in the video watch it.

From one man telling a woman that his strip club is hiring, to another man calling a woman a bitch after she ignores him, leaves the boyfriends speechless and upset.

As one of the men in the video said, “I’m glad people are making it [catcalling] an issue.”

But there will always be those people who’ll say catcalling should be taken as a compliment. Or it’s not a big issue. Or maybe you women should just stay home and not go outside at all. Or maybe you should take it as a compliment. Stop me at any time. Because these are all responses that I’ve seen on Twitter from those men who you can assume thinks there’s nothing wrong with catcalling.

Image Credit: Cosmo/Screenshot

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