The idea that the absence of men in the lives of their children is the norm is communities across America is being challenged with a new documentary titled “Daddy Don’t Go.”

The film, executive produced by actor Omar Epps, gives viewers an intimate look into the lives of 4 New York fathers doing the best that they can to remain a constant presence in the lives of their children. Few topics of relevancy are off limits as each father shares the highs, lows, rewards and hardship of  parenting as a man. The concept behind the documentary was built on the statistic that 1 in 3 children in America are fatherless and inspired by things Epps went through personally as the product of a fatherless household himself. He says his goal was to shine light on the men who are making moves to defy the statistics by being an active participant in the lives of their children by any and all means necessary.

Epps shared these words in a statement after signing on as executive producer:

“Being the product of a fatherless household, ‘Daddy Don’t Go’ delves into an issue that’s close to my heart. In the media, we’re always inundated with the notion that black men and/or men from impoverished areas are absent fathers. Though that may be true to an extent, there are also thousands of young men fighting to be active fathers in their children’s lives. This fact gets smothered in the media by rampant negative imagery of black men and fatherless children. ‘Daddy Don’t Go’ chronicles the journeys of four such men and their respective battles to parent their children. It’s time men like these have a platform and a voice to challenge the statistics and common ideology about the issue of fatherhood.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a look at the trailer for the documentary, which has been in the works since 2013.

A kickstarter campaign to fund the documentary has exceeded the $80,000 donation goal and together with the help of Epps, it will now soon see the light of day. However, the film’s developers have stressed that although the kickstarter was a success, additional assistance and support from the public is needed in order to complete the last of the filming and editing. For more information on how you can help and to keep up with the development of “Daddy Don’t Go,” you can visit their website HERE.

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  • Guy

    It takes both a man and a woman to raise a child and if the child is missing one parent studies show how it impacts their life tgrought their child hood and even into adult hood. Also with gays and lesbians it affects kids in negative ways when you have gay parents

    • Tanielle

      Please provide a study or some evidence beside your opinion that children with same-sex parents are disadvantaged in any way. I know there is a multitude of evidence that shows that growing up in a single parent home makes a child more likely to live in poverty, have behavioral issues, and/or end up in prison. Do you have any evidence that having two same-sex parents results in any of the same issues or any issues at all.

    • Guy

      Well a child who grows up with gay parents is more likely to suffer psychological issues and become to depressed because they would not know what its like to have a mom or dad and not know who their real parents were. They are also likely to be at a higher risk of sexual confusion and they experiment on being gay they are at a higher risk of aids and other stds

    • Tanielle

      Based on what you say wouldn’t adopted children also be at risk for all this things you claim because they don’t know who their real parents are. Also children in foster care. I see you didn’t bother to provide a study. You clearly made all this nonsense up based on your own bias toward same-sex parents.

    • Guy

      You have Google. Use it. Also with adopted kids they are far better off with hetero couples because they have both mom and dad and another thing the whole purpose of life is to survive thrive reproduce and evolve you can’t evolve or reproduce if you are gay so there for being gay is unnatural and a mental disorder

    • Tanielle

      No such study exist. Not on google or anywhere. You seem to be obsessed with gay people to the extreme of using an article about fathers to discuss them. You might want to google what they say about people who tend to find any opportunity to be homophobic. Thou doth protest too much…

    • Guy

      You have no facts to support your claim that same sex is good. I just proved why gay is a mental illness. I explained that gays have the highest aids and std rates which when a teenager engages in same sex they are at risk of aids. Also gays and lesbians are mostly white and racist against the black community. Do you remember prop 8 when gay men walked around with nooses in California saying they were going to hang black people if they did not vote yes

    • Guy

      Also if you read my original post you would of noticed I was talking about how its women’s fault for sleeping around and getting pregnant without having a stable well paying career and that it takes two parents one male the other female to raise a child.

    • Guy

      Next time you want to troll go somewhere else

  • This documentary certainly will make people think. Omar Epps did the right thing in making sure that this documentary is made public. Fathers have great value and their contributions in society must be respected just like the actions of mothers. A lot of society doesn’t know or witness the struggles that many fathers go through in life. Children deserved to be loved, appreciated, and shown about their human value by deeds not just by words. Hopefully the Daddy Don’t go documentary can inspire people to promote more positive changes in society. As an African proverb says, it will take a village to raise a child (and great fathers are definitely part of that village).

    • RaiseTheBar

      Thanks to Clutch for this article and the link!

      DAD and paternal grandparents were parents to me and my siblings and I’m 50+ — my TRUTH, my Reality.