Stacey Dash

Sponsors may be cutting ties with Donald Trump after his offensive remarks about Mexican immigrants, but Fox News commentator Stacey Dash wants a guy like Trump in the White House.

On a recent episode of Outnumbered, Dash told her co-hosts she’s down with #TeamTrump because he’s willing to sue the companies that have recently cut ties with his toxic brand.

“He’s a businessman, like you said, and he’s doing business and he’s a man who says what he means and means what he says and yes, you’re right,” Dash said. “He has to fight. To me, that, if anything, as the president of the United States? I’d want a guy like that running my country.”

While Dash has said some outlandish things in the past, her position on Trump is curious given she’s half Mexican. Trump’s recent comments about Mexican immigrants being criminals and rapists have angered many Latinos, but apparently Dash just thinks the businessman misspoke.

“I believe what [Trump] was trying to say was that we need to close the borders because it’s dangerous. It’s an imminent threat,” she explained. “I believe what he said, he could have said in a different way. He should have ended it there, he didn’t have to get personal about Mexico, because he then says he has Mexican friends and he loves Mexico. It’s like saying, ‘I have my Black friend,’ you know.”

Yes, Stacey, we do.


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