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Sandra Bland’s hanging death inside a Texas jail, that was ruled a suicide, is now being treated like a murder investigation.

“This is being treated like a murder investigation,” Elton Mathis, Waller County’s district attorney, said at a press conference Monday.

Mathis said he made the determination after talking to Bland’s family and to those who saw her last, including the bail bondsman, who was among the last to hear from her alive.

Bland, 28, was found dead on July 13 inside the Waller County Jail, three days after she had been pulled over by Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Brian Encinia for an improper lane change.

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  • blogdiz

    Her lawyer had given a statement after viewing the dash cam , apparently after Sandra gave the cops her license and papers and he ran them and returned to her car with either a ticket or a written notice (Now wouldn’t that be the end of their business at a traffic stop?)
    But no god almighty cop insisted that she put out her cigarette which she refused arguing that she was allowed to smoke in her own car , this quickly escalated where cop told her to get out of the car, She asked why he then dragged her out of the car and arrested her . I guess that’s where the bystanders video comes in where we see her being headslammed /manhandled by the cops.

    I doubt very much she killed herself but even if she did this kind of abuse would traumatize anyone with PTSD and so either way the polices actions contributed to her demise

  • There are certainly more information coming out about Sandra Bland daily. There has been a releasing of some video of the jail (along the hallway). Many questions must be answered. Sandra Bland was treated aggressively by the officers before she was placed into jail. The Bland family has shown more information too about the cigarette when Sandra did nothing illegal by smoking a cigarette in her own car. So, the arresting officer had it out to harass Sandra from the get go. Sandra’s family deserves nothing less than the total truth. The officer’s actions caused him to be placed on administrative leave by the authorities. There must be transparency and police terrorism is real in this country. Elton Walley classifying the investigation as a murder investigation certainly should further inspire us to find the total truth about the tragic passing of Sandra Bland.

    RIP Sister Sandra Bland.