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On Saturday, Sandra Bland was laid to rest in Illinois, but her mother, Geneva Reed-Veal isn’t convinced her daughter killed herself.

During the eulogy, Veal didn’t cry, but told how Bland was excited about starting her new job.

“I’m the mama, and I’m telling you that my baby did not take herself out,” she said. “The fact is, I’m the mama. And I still don’t know what happened. You think you’re mad? I’m mad too.”

According to Texas officials, Bland allegedly died from suicide and used a plastic bag that was in her cell to do it. But there aren’t too many people who are buying that explanation, especially coming from a department that is rife with racism.

Bland’s mother ended her eulogy by expressing exactly what Bland would have wanted.

“Sandy knew what her purpose was,” she said. “Some call it a tragedy. Some call it a travesty. But I’ve got to call it testimony.”


Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune

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  • Vintage

    I thought about this lady and her daughters all weekend. We know Sandra did not take her life either-don’t autopsies take at least a month to be completed? How are “they” completing two separate autopsies in less than one week.

    This is why they hate us. No matter how much evil they throw we are devastated because we are human, then we get back up and fight. I’m glad Ms. Reed-Veal and her family knows a lot of people feel this atrocity on a visceral level.

    • Noirluv45

      Right, Vintage, and the ME is going to collaborate with the police. It’s not as if they haven’t lied on autopsy reports before.

  • A lot of strength has been shown by Sister Geneva Reed-Veal. She is right to say that she is angry. People have the right to be angry at how some people mistreat black human lives. People are tired about how some people want to make justifications for the disrespectful, unprofessional actions of that officer. Sandra Bland’s story is a story about how jealous people readily harass and mistreat black women. Also, the numerous autopsies and the contradictions of the official story have people classifying the passing of Sandra Bland as a product of murder. The injustice shown to Sandra Bland ought to be a wakeup call to some of our people who are asleep. Some of our people need to wake up and see that we may live in a new century, but they hate us just like they hated us centuries ago. The memory of the great social activist Sandra Bland will never be forgotten.