After 54 years, the South Carolina confederate flag has been removed. The removal comes on the heels of South Carolina church massacre that left 9 people dead, including Sen. Clementa Pickney.

The flag, which was raised up on the capital in 1961 to protest integration, was lowered by an honor guard of South Carolina troopers. Gov. Nikki Haley stood on the Statehouse steps and did not speak, though she nodded in the direction of the crowd after someone shouted: “Thank you governor.”

Two troopers rolled the flag and tied it up with a string and handed it to a black trooper who brought it to the Statehouse steps and handed it to a state archivist. The governor clapped when it was handed to the archivist.

A van was to take the flag to the nearby Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum. There, it eventually will be housed in a multimillion-dollar shrine lawmakers promised to build as part of a deal to get a bill passed removing the flag.

People in the crowd could be heard chanting “Take it down. Take it down”.

Haley stated it was a great day in South Carolina.

Too bad this great day only came after people were killed.

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  • Me

    i was not expecting to cry for as long as i did when i watched the removal. i hate that these churchgoers had to be martyrs for that damn flag. this country needs to get serious about stamping out radical racists & the systemic racism that allows them to attack us. taking down that flag is only a small gesture to exchange for the lives of the charleston 9. that shooter needs to be prosecuted as a terrorist. anything less would disrespect the loss of human life.

    • binks

      Exactly, it is such a shame that it seems like blood always has to be spilled of innocent individuals to get people to wake up and address issues that has long been overdue. I agree hopefully that terrorist is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and I hope he is stewing and fuming because his demonic actions had the opposite effort of what he wanted to create.

  • constance

    Right after the Charleston Terrorist attack happened, I was watching the Daily Show and Jon Stewart pointed out all of the Confederate nostaligia that exists in Charleston, there are streets and schools named after Confederate generals along with a Confederate history museum and yet the flag defenders are screaming about their history not being honored. And I am sure you wont be surprised to know that across the country there are more schools named after Confederate generals than Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman.

    • *NmySkynn70*

      not surprised at all, but someone i’m friends w/on FB that’s from SC said they are removing it from that location and are just going to put it elsewhere in the state. I was like WHAT? i can’t confirm this so i’m just going by his post . . .

    • constance

      Yeah the flag is just going to be put in a museum. It’s not going to be destroyed or anything, though it should.

    • *NmySkynn70*


    • Great Points.

    • binks

      Agreed! I love that Jon Stewart clip. This is a great start but sadly more needs to done throughout the South to combat the living shrine of the Confederacy and white entitlement/supremacy. If people are so determined to scream and latch onto “southern pride/heritage” then tell/learn the complete story and history of the south and the various people in the south.

    • truthseeker2436577[email protected]

      I agree with you Sister. We have to learn history, but those who love the Confederacy embrace historical revisionism.

    • binks

      OMG so freaking true with the historical revisionism. Don’t get those individuals started on slavery and how they revise it to suit their outlook. I simply can’t with those people because they’re seriously delusional and will have you thinking you are wrong.

    • You’re exactly right. When many of these revisionists say that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, but states’ rights, I can only shake my head. I’m thinking, those Confederate states wanted to use states’ rights as a method for them to advance slavery (as stated in their own founding documents). The South was heavily invested in the cotton trade via slavery, so the Civil War had a lot to do with slavery, economic exploitation, and racism.

    • Mary Burrell

      Like those crazy black people that are advocating the foolishness.

    • I feel you Sister.

    • yep bro but the devil is in the details while all of us are happy feeling good because we finally force the racist to take down that flag when you look into the bill in order to get an agreement they appropriated millions of dollars to build a new building to furral and display the confederate flag, so the confederate flag will be prominently displayed in the state of South Carolina but not on a flag pole on public property. Peace out. Remember the devil is in the details. I knew they didn’t just give in because the great great grand daughter of Jefferson Davis was crying they gave in because they got something and lets see how prominent that new multi million dollars building to display that flag is going to be in the Capital of South Carolina! I am from the south and I know these people. Good night bro.

    • Mary Burrell

      I saw that clip also Jon Stewart was amazing in speaking truth about all those racist icons. I was doing the slow clap for his commentary.

    • yep Charleston is where the first shot was fired to began the Civil War along with the Confederate there is a lot more mind blowing devilment going on in Charleston than most people black or white ever can imagine! Beautiful mid size quant city, lots of blacks every where you go nice place to go to for a 3 day 2 night outing almost like mini New Orleans with it’s own flavor.

  • This event was emotional for many people. Many people cheered for joy and others cried for jubilation. This is a historic day. People have used boycotts, protests, and many people have died for the cause of freedom. That evil Confederate flag (which represents hate, racism, and oppression) should have came down a long time ago, but I’m glad that it did came down. A domestic terrorist murdered nine innocent human beings. Those in the South Carolina legislature who voted to keep that evil flag up should be ashamed of themselves. We know that we have a long way to go. South Carolina still has massive poverty, housing issues, racism, etc. that must be addressed. There ought to be revolutionary changes not only in South Carolina, but throughout America. Defeating the system of white supremacy is our goal. The spirit of black people will never be broken. We are going to continue to speak truth to power and act courageously in our lives.

  • CoolChic

    So happy to see it come down and put where it belongs….a museum.