As if anyone needed a study to figure this out?

A new study about the harassment environment in the online gamers world has found that men online who harass women are losers–losers who probably live at home in their grandmother’s basement. Well the study didn’t say that, but it’s still probably true. The men who do the harassment actually suck at the game they’re playing online.

Michael Kasumovic of the University of New South Wales in Australia, and Jeffrey Kuznekoff of Miami University in Ohio conducted the study said that women who enter the gaming environment elicit “hostile behavior from poor performing males who stand to lose the most status.”

“We suggest that low-status males increase female-directed hostility to minimize the loss of status as a consequence of hierarchical reconfiguration resulting from the entrance of a woman into the competitive arena,” the researchers wrote.

Remember folks, we’re talking about the gaming world, where status means everything. #Sarcasm.

But chances are, these asshole men in the gaming world, are probably asshole men offline as well.


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  • LogicalLeopard

    Isn’t that about the same as racism? Low status whites increasing black-directed hostility to minimize the lost of status as a consequence of hierarchical reconfiguration resulting from the entrance of black people into the competitive arena?

    Totally off subject, but I think we might have to rethink the whole word “loser” when it comes to people living with their parents. I know a few women that I’m sure most people wouldn’t call losers that live with their parents in their 30’s and 40’s. But men in that situation would be called losers. What gives? I’m NOT trying to play a male victim card here, because I understand that this is not a situation of victimization. I’m just trying to challenge thinking on the issue. If we assess people differently because of their sex, we probably shouldn’t continue to do that. It just makes sense. To me, loser should be a state of mind, not a state of housing.
    Note: I am not typing this from my mother’s basement. *LOL*

    • Me

      i agree about the word loser meaning somebody living in their family’s basement. i’ve had several family members live at home until their mid 30s to save up for their houses & weddings & it’s the best thing i’ve seen in a long time. i think we actually should be going back to that family setting b/c it makes sure that your kids are ready to manage the world when they move out instead of expecting them to struggle for years just b/c they’re legally “adults”. lord knows i’d be farther in life if i didn’t have to pay rent AND save for a down payment.

    • LogicalLeopard


    • exactly! well stated just wise, good common sense.

  • elle

    The first line says it all: “As if anyone needed a study to figure this out?”

    Of course not.

  • Males that harass women online are typically men that can’t connect women in real life and who are bitter about that. They feel that they are entitled to women when no one is entitled to anyone.

  • binks

    And water is wet, the sun is hot and the sky is blue. They really didn’t need to do a study to confirm this.

  • look y’all those men are the same as women who harass men on line they are bitter, hurt and are taking it out on opposite gender behind close doors so they can feel better about themselves, imagine if they didn’t have this outlet a hold lot of good people might be hurt look what happen in the movie in Colorado and the church in Charleston both men was hurt by a women along with other issues.

    • Me

      that’s an interesting way to look at it. i definitely prefer them to rant online than to go around terrorizing folks in real life. & it’s easy to just gloss over hateful comments or turn off the gadgets compared to the alternative. i just hope their not hyping themselves up by venting online b/c sometimes when somebody feels some type of way in their heads, it’ll just stay there so they don’t seem crazy, but when they see other folks like them expressing the same feelings online, it might amp them up.

    • you are right it can galvanize them and if they are really really sick it might not take much to push them over the edge to get violent, again I think the internet give both gender who are hurt or feeling defeated a outlet to let off steam, let it out or communicate with other to let their feelings be know without being embarrassed and people like us if we get tired of it we just go to another article another site or just turn off the gadgets and start back on reading our book. Alert you better read this comment quick cause one of them angry one is going to flag my comment as they always do. Peace.