The police brutality against Black men epidemic is continuing to rear its’ ugly head and the latest viral video featuring an extreme demonstration of unnecessary force comes by way of nearly a dozen Philadelphia police officers against 1 defenseless “suspect.”

In the video which was recorded back in April of 2015, a group of Philadelphia police officers are first seen struggling to maintain control of 22-year-old Tyree Caroll while arresting him on suspected drug and assault charges. Multiple reports claim Tyree was on probation after pleading guilty to drug possession charges in 2014 at the time of the arrest. Once the officers secure Tyree, they then begin repeatedly kicking and punching him as he his heard screaming for his grandmother. As the officers continue beating Tyree, several other officers arrive on the scene, with some of them also engaging in the beating while also threatening to tase him multiple times and following through on their threats. By the end of the 5 minute video, over a dozen cops are present at the scene as Tyree lay on the ground in handcuffs. Luckily he survived the beating…..this time.

Watch the video for yourself below.

The Philadelphia PD have since released a statement insisting that “the department was made aware of the video shortly after it was posted and that an investigation into the matter is underway.”

The unnecessary force and blatant disregard for this young man’s life by police as seen in this video footage is a prime example of why our Black community has become unable to maintain a peaceful relationships with the police. While it’s to be expected that resisting arrest as this young man did in the video will likely subject any person in police custody to forceful handling by the cops, the continuous beating, kicking and punching of an unarmed, restrained man is something that seems to be treatment specifically reserved for Black men…….and that’s not something that we will ever accept as justified policing in the eyes of the law or anyone else.

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