In case you’re not up on your Twitter beef, for the last week, Philly rapper Meek Mill has been taking shots at Drake on social media. Though the two have collaborated in the past, Meek seemed to take offense to Drake’s refusal to tweet about his latest album, “Dreams Worth More Than Money,” and decided to call him out.

While Meek’s reasoning seemed hella petty, he continued take jabs at Drake, asserting the Toronto rapper didn’t write his own rhymes.

After’s Meek’s damning claims, fans wondered how Drake would respond. Days later they had their answer.

Drake fired back with a pair of tracks— “Charged Up,” a mellow joint that never actually mentioned Meek’s name, and “Back 2 Back,” a full-throated attack on the Philly rapper.

Fans immediately praised Drake for his strategic moves—releasing the songs on his own Beats 1 radio station and pushing them out to radio and club DJs—and waited for Meek’s response.

Well, Thursday hip hop heads got what they wanted when Meek Mill finally released a diss track that took direct aim at Drake.

Sadly for Meek, though, most people hated it. Even his hometown paper declared him a loser.

Almost immediately, Meek Mill become a top trending topic across social media, but for all the wrong reasons.

Even corporations went in on Meek.

While Meek’s ego has to be taking a severe hit right now, I couldn’t help but wonder what his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, must be thinking.

To her credit, Nicki’s been mum about her bae’s social media tantrums and subsequent verbal beatdown, but I know their conversations have to be super awkward lately.

If you were Nicki, what would you do if your partner crashed and burned in front of the whole world? Sound off! 

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