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Washington, D.C’s Metropolitan Police department has quite an interesting discrimination lawsuit on its hands. Canadian criminologist Laurie J. Samuel has lived in the U.S. for 20 years, and has filed a lawsuit against the MPD for anti-Canadian discrimination.

Samuel says that she was subjected to anti-Canadian harassment from her supervisor who also allegedly sabotaged her application for a work permit, telling MPD Chief Cathy Lanier that Samuel was in the country illegally, accusing Samuel of “talking white,” and teasing her about Canadians and Americans being “play cousins”.

Samuel’s lawsuit says she “suffered and is suffering injuries, including loss of past, present, and future earnings and considerable mental distress.” She is asking for back pay, compensatory and punitive damages, and court costs.

Samuel was fired from her job in 2013.

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  • She has the right to sue. No worker should be treated in that fashion. She should get as much documentation as possible, make sure that the lawyer is experienced and has great abilities, and prepare for an uphill fight. Discrimination lawsuits take time usually.

  • Reina Benoir

    Not to make light but when they were talking about Canadians were they really talking about Canadians? I’ve heard stories where bigoted white people would call people Canadians to cover up the fact that they were just being their usual racist selves.

    Either way, good for her for suing. I hope she wins.