Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.08.37 AMAzealia Banks is known for a lot of things, unfortunately, to some, her music isn’t one of them. Over the last couple of years, her Twitter beefs have brought her more attention than her music, and it’s quite a shame. Especially since she’s one of the most talented women in the music game right now.

With that said, Banks has a beef with black media.

She doesn’t want them to cover her.

In a series of tweets, Banks expressed her frustration against black media, citing a recent Ebony article about her clashing with Iggy Azalea. In her tweet about Ebony, which has now been deleted, Banks stated that black media was ‘counter productive’.

Guess she told us! Well not really.

Maybe Banks should spend less time trying to accepted by the ‘big house’ and flapping her gums on social media and tighten up her attitude and make music.

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  • itsawonderfulworld

    A. Banks hasn’t ever impressed me nor shocked me with her shock-inducing statements. She has always been one to bark the loudest, but not back it up. Her statements don’t surprise me given that she was no different than Nicki Minaj in lowering other black women to uplift herself. Since she’s spoken out against black injustices specifically those against black women, I’ve long wondered if her brand (yes, even low rank artists have a brand) was to be believed or if it was another way for her to reintroduce herself to possible fans

  • oldfatmotherfucker


  • oldfatmotherfucker