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Remember Big Daddy Kane and those sexy ass cuts in his eyebrows? Well, your aunties back in the day probably thought they were. And then there was Jay Z and his infamous verse, ‘three cuts in your eyebrows, tryin to wild out’. Well apparently cuts are making a come back.

In an Buzzfeed article a fashion writer renamed them, and is now referring to them as ‘slits’.

This writer credited hip-hop, but said Soulja Boy made them famous?

Wait. What?

In a post for The Root, Yesha Callahan hilariously set Buzzfeed straight. And offered a lesson about ‘cuts’, by mentioning the fact that both Big Daddy Kane and Jay Z came well before Soulja Boy:

But for the love of everything that is hip-hop culture, do not call them slits.

Calling something that is older than Soulja Boy β€œslits” is a microaggression and an attempt to rename a cultural legacy that is older than Soulja Boy and all of these newbies doing it.

These are cuts. These are shaved brows. Not slits.

Stop the Columbusing. Thank you.

Oh, and a word of advice to those cutting up their eyebrows: You better pray they grow back in.

Look at these people:

My newest creation 😎 #eyebrowslits

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Just stop. Please. Somewhere Big Daddy Kane is looking at all of this and shaking his head.

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  • MzzPeaches

    I have a cut in my eyebrow that is actually from a childhood scar and people always asked me growing up why my parents let me cut my brow lol

  • mmmdot

    Am I the ONLY one who’s tired of whites conducting OBSESSIVE and pathological levels of surveillance on Black people in lieu of them just growing up, being accountable, and atoning, apologizing, and compensating Black people for their CONTINUOUS crimes against humanity so we can ALL move on with our fucking lives? Seriously. Tired of it.

  • bohemia

    I had mine in the 80’s with my flatop and designs in the back…..And as the only girl in my senior class because I saw it in Essence…..I would never think it would make a comeback…..Ain’t mad though…..whatever make the kids feel like an individual,I guess…..But Soulja Boy???Fire your dealer,Buzzfeed….